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How to start again

Submitted by tuftyone on Mon, 2021-07-05 16:08

My protocol journey was interrupted about six months ago with the passing of my stepfather and dementia diagnosis of my mother. It’s taken a lot of my time up; I was distracted from the protocol and haven’t taken any antibiotics for about six months. I’d like to start again but I’m not quite sure whether to start all the abx together or phase them in slowly. I’d be grateful of your opinions please 🙂

Using cholestyramine

Submitted by tuftyone on Sat, 2020-11-28 13:24

Hi I’ve completed the second day of my second pulse today although I only managed to do two metro doses as I feel so rough.

I managed to get my gp to prescribe some colestyramine to help bind with the toxins. Does anyone have experience using it? How often and what time of day etc.

thank you

Antibiotics and insomnia

Submitted by tuftyone on Sat, 2020-10-17 15:32

I’ve been taking doxy’ and Azi’ for nearly  a year now. I never got round to starting the Metro for varying reasons, but aim to start next week. I think doxycycline gives me terrible insomnia and I plan to drop it next week when I start the Metro. So I’ll only be taking metronidazole. I’d be grateful to hear your thoughts and opinions about that 

thank you 

Prostatitis due to chlamydia trachomatis, inflammation from doxycycline

Submitted by Denis Ermakov on Sat, 2020-07-04 14:18

Hi everyone, I finally registered on this forum - it was not easy) I don’t know English and use Google translator, therefore I can’t express myself quite incorrectly)

I have been sick with prostatitis for 4 years, most likely due to chlamydia.
Why am I writing on this forum about chlamydial pneumonia? Because our doctors could not help me, and I did not find a forum on chlamydia trachomatis.
But since these bacteria are similar, I’ve been taking Weldon’s course for 5.5 months with some adjustments.

Veins and blood circulation

Submitted by tuftyone on Fri, 2019-12-13 11:15

It’s becoming clear to me that my main problem is blood circulation. This is causing my disability; my left leg and left side effected more than anything else. I’m wondering if anyone knows how CPN affects veins and arteries, or if you could point me towards other articles and information. I’m wondering if treating with antibiotics will actually reduce these problems or whether the subsequent damage to the veins is actually irreversible. Any thoughts or comments would be very useful 

 Hope you’re all well! 


Submitted by Trent on Sun, 2019-07-21 16:39


 My first symptoms began about 1976.  I had dizziness on exertion and problems with urine flow.  I had various exploratory examinations, culminating in the 1980s with a diagnosis of MS, (but no MRI).

 I tried many things to help me, but with no result. Then I found this site and tried the antibiotic route, but again with no success. In 2009 I had my first MRI, and a neurology professor told me it was not MS, although he could not say what it was.  

Gut dysbiosis

Submitted by tuftyone on Tue, 2019-07-09 07:57

I’ve been looking at some tests I did a couple of years ago with a naturopath. My gut is in a bad state. I’ve always lived a healthy life with a clean diet and can only think the infection is responsible for this. 

Does anyone else have digestion issues?


Good news ...and not so good news

Submitted by tuftyone on Tue, 2019-06-11 05:36

Well I’ve had a positive result for CPN. I convinced my gp to take the bloods for me to send to a German lab. He said last year that he wouldn’t be able to prescribe the abx for me if it turned out positive though and I’m due to see a different doctor who may be more open to things (the practice manager lives next door to me and suggested this doctor). 

The problem I have is that I’m becoming increasingly sensitive to all chemicals and this would explain the tachycardia I experienced last year when taking the abx from India.