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Gut dysbiosis

Submitted by tuftyone on Tue, 2019-07-09 07:57

I’ve been looking at some tests I did a couple of years ago with a naturopath. My gut is in a bad state. I’ve always lived a healthy life with a clean diet and can only think the infection is responsible for this. 

Does anyone else have digestion issues?


Good news ...and not so good news

Submitted by tuftyone on Tue, 2019-06-11 05:36

Well I’ve had a positive result for CPN. I convinced my gp to take the bloods for me to send to a German lab. He said last year that he wouldn’t be able to prescribe the abx for me if it turned out positive though and I’m due to see a different doctor who may be more open to things (the practice manager lives next door to me and suggested this doctor). 

The problem I have is that I’m becoming increasingly sensitive to all chemicals and this would explain the tachycardia I experienced last year when taking the abx from India.

New member cpn suspicions

Submitted by Sassy2017 on Sun, 2018-12-30 01:41

I am just now recovering from 14 years of illness. I was diagnosed with Lyme at first but looking back it was a negative igenex test. 7 months ago I was diagnosed with MTHFR HLA 1 copy comt gene mutation Hashimoto’s not correctly treated SIBO folate anemia due poor methylation hormonal imbalance as well chronic inflammatory response syndrome and mast cell activation. I have responded well to treatment of liver methylation supplements vitamins treatment of Hashimoto’s with correct natural thyroid, treatment of SIBO and removal of any mold in my house and addressing my food intolerances. I also had Marcons and that is being treated well. I just started my female hormones making a huge difference too. I am out toxic marriage and doing well from that.

Now 1 week ago I started NAC and herxx. It got my attention. I found where I could have Chlamydia Pneumoniae. I said what ?? I have felt great since starting the NAC. Then starting my female hormones I feel even better. My fatigue is improving and energy going way up. I have looked through my past lab And can find no testing done for this infection. I also noticed the first morning after starting the nac when I woke up I was coughing a lot and moving a lot of mucous out my lungs. It kind of felt like I had a low grade flu.

Now NAC helps make glutathione. I have to take daily glutathione and it could be just that I am detoxing more since I went years with detoxing. I also have use sauna frequently as well.

Can anyone shed some light on this ? And experience. I am a RN BSN experienced nurse. I had study myself to save my life and finally got a functional medicine md who is very knowledgeable. I still study all the time all these chronic illnessses esp since I was labeled crazy and misdiagnosed for years. My family has been amazed in my recovery so far. I give it all to god. He was my guide.

I also see on here Buhner has a protocol ? I have his Lyme book. Can you tell me which book has the Chlamydia protocol in it ?? I can’t belive nobody tested this. I saw 4 to 5 Lyme doctors over the last 5 years. I also have a low killer cell count too ?

Any advice will be appreciated. J.

A glimmer of hope?

Submitted by tuftyone on Mon, 2018-07-16 09:05

I've been taking the Abx for just over a month. I felt a bit rough in the beginning but haven't experienced any of the horrendous die-off i've read about. Last Thursday, I got up and felt a bit different and had a shower (easily getting in and out of the bath without falling on to the floor! I walked around my flat without tripping and without my crutch. I left the flat and without thinking left the crutch behind. I walked from my car to the cashpoint and back almost completely normally! This only lasted for half a day and now I'm back to 'normal'.