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An antibiotic used to interfere with bacterial replication.

Not ready for 200mg doxy yet

I have more fatigue than before I began CAPi for sure.  Also my stomach's been very fragile and it seems that nothing is on the "safe to eat" list.  My CFSi began with IBSi and I know that the bacterial loadi is probably very high.  I'm popping probiotics like candy though and trying to get as much done as I can around the house.  I don't have terrible reactions but I wonder if I should take any moppers.  I don't know much about the moppers but might have to look into it. 

Doxy once a day?

I was prescribed doxyi at 100mg twice daily (200mg total). I recently went on vacation and found it very difficult to keep a regular schedule while traveling. It seemed nearly impossible to juggle all the "with/without food" and "away from iron, calcium, magnesium" requirements with such an irregular eating and sleeping schedule. I finally gave up just started taking all my doxy in one dose in the morning to help solve the problem. Is it still effective enough taking doxy only once a day or is it critical to keep it spread out in 2 doses/day? It would make life so much easier if I could continue to take my doxy in one dose even though I'm not still traveling.

Chronicles of a Rifampinaut: Pulse 27, onward!

I began pulse 27 this morning with some nervousness since I still haven't fully recovered from pulse 26 back in August. I  decided that 60 days was enough time to recover, that any longer would increase the risk of making the pulse even worse then it may be.  So, here I am toda, pulsing away.

My doc and I agreed back in June to increae the dosage of Flagyli from the prevous 3x375mg/day x 5 days to 3x500mg/day x 5 days.  I suspect that had something to do with making pulse 26 that much harder although I pulsed in July with much less negative impact.  Pulse 26 just picked me up and cast me down, no other way to describe it.  Still haven't recoverd entirely from it.

Pulsus Interruptus

Was well into pulse #14 when I got side-lined by a stomach bug that went through town.  I couldn't keep anything down for 36 hours.  While it's not fun being sick on the road it does have at least one benefit - since most hotels use either a boiler or tankless system, I didn't have to worry about running out of hot water when I took 45 minute showers to try and calm down the body aches.  As soon as my stomach calmed down, I did resume the antibioticsi so hopefully there was no harm done (except to the bugs).

Tried 2 doxy this morning

I thought I'd try two doxy this morning instead of one that I've been on.  Right now I want to be put out of my mysery...ha ha.  I was just in the shower and feeling very dizzy and out of breath.  My poor husband was told to leave me alone.  Poor man, he's been handling it very well.  He just asks me if I'm feeling lousy and then lets me be.  Those those buggers don't like all these meds.  I honestly cannot complain because I've heard horror stories from others about their porphyriai and so on.  I'm doing well compared to some.  I want to get on the full dose of everything as soon as possible without distroying my digestive system.  I have Candidiasis, but with a probiotic I've been able to control it.  It doesn't help that I have been sick with a sinus infection on top of it al

Does Oklahoma City even have Emergency Rooms?

You wouldn't know it by me. 

Three days post-pulse #13 and only mild reactions (mostly slight shortness of breath during stressful parts of the negotiations and the familiar "cog fog") so far.  

By the way, Oklahoma City is a real nice city.  The Murrah Building Memorial affected me more than I thought it would.  I think it was the small chairs that represented the children killed in the day care center that made it so emotional.

WooHoo!! Feeling Worse.

Yes, I'm happy that I'm not feeling well.  Something's happening. Usually after I ovulate I feel like I've been hit by a train.  Yesterday I had pain in my lower back and the muscles in my shoulders ached.  Usually my symptoms aren't this bad so I'm attributing it to the 100m doxy.  I have CFSi not fibro so pain is not normal for me.  I'm sooo glad to have other people to keep me on track and see them plugging away despite the symptoms.  So far it's nothing I can't handle. 

Paula Has Borrelia!

Just a quick update.  Just got off the phone of Dr AW's clinic.

It appears that in the blood sample that Paula produced a couple of weeks ago, using his dark filter microscope, he found BORRELIA!

Paula was bitten by about half a dozen ticks in the summer of 2004!

When she first became bedridden, she was tested by the NHS for Lyme but nothing was found.  I wonder if the little blighters have been forced out of their slumber like a massive kick up the arse, by the Doxy and Roxyi! - I bet if we did the NHS Lyme test again, it would be positive - I wonder if it is worth asking?

Prior to any abxi or Samento, Dr AW using his blood test, only found CPni in Paula.

Lightly Hammered

Thirteenth pulse of metronidazolei (1,500 mg/day) plus Isoniazid (300 mg/day) completed today.  Since about pulse seven I've felt "energized" during the pulse and have had little post-pulse reaction.  This pulse was different with reaction (lethargy, confusion, pain in various areas) starting two days into the pulse.  I'll keep you posted on the post-pulse reaction.

Paula Has Gotten Worse

A couple of weeks ago, she suffered from a couple of crashes, whilst on her daily trip to the bathroom.  Luckily her daughter was in the house both times, to help her back to bed.  At that point we decided to get a commode put in the bedroom.

Over the course of the 2 weeks, she was able to use her usual jars by the bed for the "No.1" and the commode for her daily "No.2".

About a week ago, she started taking a 3rd dose of powdered activated charcoal (2 teaspoons at a time).  I have ordered some Colestyramine to try at a later date, when it is delivered.  We are doing this to try to bring down her porphyrin levels as much as we can.  Her porphyriai symptoms included:-

Terrible fatigue

Cautiously conceding I may have been right...

When I was in surveying class, the instructor described the process that one should follow as: "We complete the field work, take our measurements, do the computations and then try everything we can think of to prove ourselves WRONG.  Failing that, we cautiously concede we may be right."

I don't know that I've done everything to prove myself wrong, but I'm going to cautiously concede that the decison to add the amoxicillini was right. 

Need a Word of Encouragement

A word of encouragement?? I haven't checked in for quite a while. Been doing ok, but have been undergoing Vitamin C IV treatments for 4 weeks followed by Rifampin 150mg twice a day for 4 days.  My energy is zapped and the Rifampin feels like poision to my body.

Following my own advice - sort of

I have blogged several times suggesting that people (like me) who are doing the CAPi on their own stick religiously to one of the protocolsi until they had enough experience with it to know how they were going to react and thus have a "baseline" for comparison with any changes that they make. 

I have followed this advice for a year through 12 flagyli pulses.  Having lamented about the fact that I was not getting the kind of reaction to the later pulses that I got to the earlier ones, I decided to make a change.  Knowing the NACi and Amoxicillini had the same effect on CPni Elementary Bodies, but that Amoxicillin was also effective against other pathogens that might be co-infectionsi, I decided to add Amoxicillin to my antibioticsi.  

The Unbroken Circle or: It's the Rifampin, Stupid

Last month I added Rifampin to my arsenal again, after taking it twice a day for sixteen months and stopping it in Jan., 06. A few things have happened since I started Rifampin a few weeks ago. I decided I should set them to paper while I am lucid (so to speak).

Nothing Fancy This Time

Pulse Number 12 completed on August 28, 2008 and I didn't get a chance to find out what any of the Emergency Rooms looked like.  I'll report more on the die-off aftermath when and if there is anything to report, but so far it has been unremarkable.


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