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Agents used to kill micro-organisms.

macrolides lower sperm count

Me and my wife are trying to get preganant but I read on the internet that macrolides can lower your sperm count. Does anyone know about this and has anyone gotten pregnant while on this protocol. I know the infection can lower the sperm count more then the antibiotics. but ive been on them for over a year and scared that my sperm count is highly depleted. I take a lot of supplementsi but I dont know if thats enough to make up of it. some expert advise is highly appreciated. thanks


What to do About Antibiotics

I began the CAPi treatment on my own four months ago in hopes it would help my rapidly advancing Parkinson’s. At the advice of a nutrition-oriented doctor (she was not in favor of using abxi), I took supplementsi for quite some time, but experienced no improvement. The disease then began to advance so rapidly that I became too debilitated to see a doctor (the fatigue is phenomenal); so I started the CAP treatment on my own (doxyi and azith) with the hope of improving just enough so I could get to a doctor that would start me on the flagyli pulses (I didn’t want to do that without a doctor’s supervision). Unfortunately I have still gotten worse, and at a seemingly more rapid rate.  

Successful treatment doxy + levofloxacin

I haven't been here for awhile, and don't worry its not a spam post.  Just going to tell the story and what worked.  Was reminded of the site when someone posted your link on another site I visit and thought you might find the story useful. Its a standard treatment.

The disease started at the beginning of 2000. Severe joint pain, resp. and conjunctive eye infection. As well as the low grade fever and constant malaise.

Don't know

Complicated. In April still not able to do complete protocol, extremely tired and not feeling good at all despite lots of charcoal and other remedies. Was feeling very low. Stopped Roxi, on Doxyi only for a while. Got more and more depressed. Stopped Doxy and within a week depression was gone. Thought I would give my body a break with antibiotics but after a little more than  week I got back so many upper respiratory infection symtoms, that i started again. Right now I am on Azithro only and did a Metroi-pulse two weeks ago.

Do I add more drugs?

I saw both my endocrinologist and my CAPi prescriber this week. I have a painful heartbeat that's been bothering me mainly with some movements and deep breaths. So my endo wants me to take Advil in addition to my CAP. My CAP prescriber didn't have any suggestions in that regard but wants me to add Diflucan into the protocol for possible candida issues just b/c I've been so long on abxi.

Right now I am taking Amoxicillini 1000 mg x 2/day, Clarith 500 mg x 2/day, Minoi 100 mg x 2/day, Flagyli 500 mg x 2/day. If I add Advil and Diflucan, would it be too many drugs for my poor liver? On the other hand, I'd like to try something for that painful heartbeat.

Any thoughts? Thanks for any input.

Drug depletion chart

Whilst doing some research into some puzzling events in my recovery I came across this chart< that shows which drugs cause what vitaminsi or supplementsi to be depleted.  In my case it answers some of my questions.

Good Rx Pricing on Clari

Just did some phone comparing of pricing before filling a Clarithromycin Rx (prescription) in generic form.   Thought I would share my results FYI. Shipping is included by UPS carrier.

This Rx I am comparing is for the 250mg strength written with 1 PO as directed instructions.  (To be used as 250mg BID initially and then increasing to 500mg BIDi as tolerated just to be sure that the 500mg is not to heavy initially.) 

Price through          quoted for 180 tablets generic is at $125.40 today cash pricing.      The local Walgreen quoted me for 30 tablets 0f 250mg strength  at $142.39 cash pricing for 1/6th the number of tablets!

An alternative to Doxy

Is there another antibiotic that will do the job that Doxycycline does in the protocol, but without the photosensitivity?


What Happens if you only use Azith or Doxy, then Flagyl??

I think it might be timely to post an explanation of the importance of the protocol; i.e., treating all life cycles in order to erradicate the CPNi.

 What would the treatment repercussions be of only treating with, say Doxyi and then jumping to Flagyli (not including the macrolid)??  Or only Azith, then to Flagyl or Tinii?   I am concerned some newbies may be missing out on the correct treatment.   I know there is info in the Handbook/protocol pages, but perhaps something 'up front" may help???

Any of you experts/"elders".... wnat to throw out  some sound advice to the repercussions of leaving out a macrolide, or the doxy  in treating CPN?    Or is this beating a dead horse :)



Still homebound and very sick.

I'm still suffering from neuropathy, spasticity, and now trigeminal neuralgia. Can barely walk with my walker, sometimes can't walk at all. Saw my doctor and he was so alarmed by my condition that he is going to call Dr. Stratton and consult with him. He even suggested sending me to the Whitaker clinic: LINK<  He had worked with Dr. Whitaker and has modelled this practice after his. He has prescribed Valium and Dilantin. Both he and Dr. Whitaker think Dilantin a wonder drug.

Flagyl interactions with tetracyclines?

Below is a small paragraph from Lyme disease dxi/tx guidelines of Dr. Burrascano that struck me as I was reading, anyone heard of Flagyli/tetracycline interactions?

CAP & Adjunct Treatment update March 11, 2009

Treatment Overview on March 11, 2009;

Diagnostic Evaluation May 24, 2007. Chronic Fatigue Sydrome - Progressive onset - 20 to 30 years to overwhelming fatigue, Fibromyalgiai, Mild Form.  C.Pn. positive by Lab test result > 1:512,  Bb positive by Lab test Western Blot after doxycycline taken for 3 -4 weeks for CPni, Borrelia Burgdorferi (Lyme Disease) was revealed as positve on Western Blot late July 2007.

Started CAProtocol 6-21-07 with Doxycycline, N-A-C and all supplementsi<,  CAP Progressed on 10-31-07 Macrolide-added, progressed 11-22-07 Tinidazole-added and also Cholestyramine HS PRN x 7d starting day 3 - 4 of pulse and continuing for +/- 7 days.

Original Dosing Regime

The original protocol had the patient's goal to reach the point of taking all three ABXi (doxyi, a macrolide, and Flagyli), continuously and daily (not pulsing 1 week out of the month) 

In reading, though, I have not been able to find the original daily dosage amount recommended for the Flagyl (or Tinii)  Was the goal to take  1000 mg daily?

I realize/understand that the pulsing of Tini or Flagyl, 1 week out of the month was implemented due to the fact most patients had difficulty enduring the protocol with daily dosings of the 3rd ABX.   I am just curious...


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