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Agents used to kill micro-organisms.


I think the worst is waking up in the morning. anybody else have nasua and maliase in the morning. I feel it a little throughout the day but it is usually promanant in the morning. I usually start my morning with  genseng and green tea to fight it and it usually works a little. then I take my abxi at 900 am. I usually fell better at around 10 or 11.

Green tea enhances antibiotics


Does anyone know if you can get these abxi IV. I wish I could just lay up in a hospital for 3-6 months with a abx IV until im better. My uncle had a really bad case of food poisioning and was on abx IV for 3 months in a hospital. I was like WOW! I wish they would do that for me. My Docs wount even ecknowledge im sick they think its all in my head.

Combination of levaquin and bactrim possible?

Hi !

Just wanted to know if the combination of levaquin and bactrim is possible?

Did anyone took this combo?

I am just asking , because I think I have an additional strep. infect in my throat in my throat...

Best regards

good deal on flagyl

there is a good deal for Flagyli on I got mine in the mail and it looks good.

Do tetracycline drugs inhibit the efficacy of penicillin?

I am new to cpni, but I know that you are very educated on co-infection treatment protocolsi.  I am not sure if I have cpn, but I do have reactive arthritis that is suseptible to a penicillin drug (Ceftin, Amoxicillini).

My question is this:

Does tetracycline lessen the effects of a penicillin drug?  

I was e-mailing Dr. Garth Nicolson (<) today about my illness, and he made the statement that a tetracycline drug (minocycline) can negate the effect of a penicillin.  He also went on to say that it can also exacerbate a mycoplasma infection.

Pulses on my Own?

A few weeks ago I temporarily discontinued my abxi (azithro and doxyi) to see if my worsening symptoms (Parkinson’s) were the result of dieoff. Having realized this may have been a mistake since I had suddenly become even worse, I had asked if starting it up again so soon might cause the bacteria to strengthen. While this question was not answered directly, the consensus was that I should definitely get back on the abx, which I did; I assumed that if there was a danger in doing that, someone would have said so.

just a thought on saving money

I was just thinking. a lot of people experiment with different protocolsi and abxi. I started this thread for people with additional abx that they no longer use that might be useful to others on another protocol. You can trade, sell, or just give them away.  This could be a money saver for some.  I have tried many antibiotics but some work better then others for me. so I will start. These are free but a trade would be great. You can also use this thread for supplementsi. Again im just trying to help people on a tight budget.


I was looking on the webstie for a list of tests to show my docter. can anyone tell me where to find it or give me a list of tests.

Rifampin 150mg?

I always shop at but all they sell is 300mg and higher. any ideas? on alternative websites.

a couple questions?

I have a couple questions. Can you take doxyi with Rifampin and also Are you supposed to take INHi with Rif. or pulse it with the tinni or flagyli. occurding to the Sratton protocol below you stack the Sratton on to the Wheldon protocol becuase it says once you have achieved master of the Wheldon you add the stratton. Is this right? and also can you pulse INH with Tinni



Stratton Protocol


Ive decided to try Levaquin but dont know if I can stack it on my current protocol (wheldons) or do I have to go off a couple antibiotics. any ideas

another pulse but with INH

I started another Flagyli pulse 4 days ago but I added 300MG daily INHi. I hope it helps. I dont feel any side effects. Also I read INH was used as antipdepressant long ago becuase of its MAO inhibiter. Thats a extra bonus! Actually INH on top of flaygl seems to make flagyl a little more tolerable.
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