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Agents used to kill micro-organisms.

Help! Finished fifth pulse

I finished my fifth pulse on 6/20/10 and didn't feel well when I finished. I had my blood draw on 6/22/10 and the ast went from 21 to 41 and the alt from 50 to 73. My doctor says he cannot continue treatment untill the numbers get better. The funny thing is the bilirubin which has never been in range in a decade 1.6-1.7 is now all of a sudden 0.9 and that doesn't make sense to me. I finally start to get well and... . I need help to understand if this is normal. I had the Doctor repeat the test just now but won't have results for a couple days. I have CFS. Help. I am in Sacramento ,Ca. I understand Dr. Stratton is here. Is that true? Dave

A doctor in who could administer Dr Strattons protocol?

Hi am looking for a doctor in Switzerland (Bern) who could administer Dr Strattons protocol.

Thanks for informations!


Allergic reactions to antibiotics

If anyone has had experience with becoming increasingly sensitive to antibiotics, and especially if you've any solutions to the problem, I'd be interested to read what you have to say. I've been searching the forum for info on this topic, and I've not found much.

I've been treated with antibiotics, off and on, since late December, 2008, and I've had marked improvement all round. (I believe it's the Wheldon protocol, with variations.) My stamina and ability to take action, to want to take action, is much improved. I know I'm better. Mental abilitiy has improved in many ways, but not in all. Memory, short term, seems worse. But still, overall mental gains are good, as the brain fog is gone much more often. 

Doxicycline or biaxin for the summer

I am now on 200 mg doxicycline a day. I was also able to start 500 mg vitamin C.

I have low Vitamin Di 3 ( 18 ) but I am not tolerating vitamin D supplementsi.

I do not understand why but I cannot take it.

But I could probably be in the sun every day to get higher levels of vitamin D3.

With doxyi I cannot be in the sun. Would it be possible to switch to biaxin instead of doxy in order to be in the sun.


I know the Wheldon protocol is about doxy - it is just a question.

Also with biaxin I could rife with my rife machine which is emitting light.Cool


Wow just found out I am Pregnant and scared, help.

Hello, I have been on CAPi for about 9 months For CPNi, MSi and maybe still Lyme. I was treated for Lyme with IV antibiotics about 4 years ago responded great my follow up MRI for MS showed almost all lesions gone except a spec of one. I remained healthy we decided to have our last Baby I stayed on antibiotics threw the Pregnancey and breastfeeding and so far we have a very happy and healthy 2 year old. I stopped y antibiotics after breastfeeding I had been healthy for so long and poof it was back 13 new lesions on my brain and spine and all new Nuero Symptoms.

Chlamydia pneumoniae and Alzheimers

I have recently had a family member diagnosed with alzheimers disease.  I did a quick search of c pneumoniae and alzheimers and found several links.  I will look at each of those in detail.  However, I was wondering if anyone here may have readily available information on this that I can research.  There seems to be quite a connection.  I am anxious to research further.Thanks


Biofilm Testing

I picked up a comment in another post (by K23la) regarding Biofilm Testing and it perked my interest.  I 'm not sure what advantage it would be to know specifically what pathogens are hiding in the biofilms we have  as the removal process is, I believe, the same. Perhaps some of the more scientifically-minded  here may have input.   

The test  is available at Fry Labs in Arizona and your own prescribing doctor can order it (the test kit will then be sent free).  If you order it yourself, the test kit is $15.00.

The cost of  the Fluorescent DNA Stain is $350.00.   All information is available at<

Started Flagyl, yeast errupted, depression, crying spells had to stop it

Hi All,

I'm on weekly shot of Bicillin, I guess that's for the Lyme's disease (its so hard to say what I'm taking what for what since I have Lyme's Boretella, Babesia, and CPhenomia. I take a daily dose of Zithromax and I was doing well on this protocol with the Oxy Aloe Flush for my yeast and then I started with Flagyli, increasing so ever slowly. I got to a max of five days of 250mg three times a day, and I was irritable, sad, depressed, crying spells, vaginal yeast problems. Can some people not take Flagyl? I was doing so good with just Bicillin and Zithromax, I was happy and had energy, my gut wasn't better but my mind was.

recommended procedure w.r.t. combination of Minocyclin/ Roxythromycin/ Metronidazol- application with Amoxicillin- application

Dear friends, CPNi<i< has been confirmed at me after serious problems up to severe consciousness affections. I encountered serious problems within my lungs several weeks after an infection on Hawaii last summer. I apply Wheldon protocol since January 2010. The treatment however is only temporarily effective. Thus I intend to add Amoxicillini<i< acc. to the Stratton protocol.

Low Dose Naltrexone

Hey! anyone heard of taking LDNi. I read a lot of promising things about it on the web. Excpecially for people with MSi. I would love to hear Dr Wheldons opinions on this one.  Im going to order some tomorrow. You can take it on top of the abxi which is good. here is some really good websites to fill you guys in on this stuff. Im sure some of you are already on it. Im just suprised I never heard about this stuff until a couple days agao from doing research.<<

With reluctance

As a registered medical practitioner my professional interest is in the treatment of persons with Multiple Sclerosisi. That’s understandable; my wife, Sarah, had developed a very aggressive form of the disease, with the classical frontal lobe disturbances typical of severe illness. She was given a poor prognosis. I found the work of the Vanderbilt people (the patent of Dr Stratton and Dr Mitchell) and treated Sarah with a combination of oral doxycycline and roxithromycin; I later added pulses of metronidazolei, changing this to tinidazole as it was better tolerated. Supplementsi including antioxidantsi and vitamins B3, B12 and folate">i were taken. After six months rifampicin was substituted for doxycycline. Sarah made a good recovery following a rather stormy course. C.

self cappers only

Hello everyone. I know everyone is at different stages on there capi and treatment. I have completed over 2 years of cap treatment and im currently intermitting the protocol.  Im in the Navy and before I went to Bahrain I bought about a year supply of abxi. I do not need them aymore and wanted to know if anyone is interested in buying them at a cheap price. I just dont want them to go to waste. please email me on this website if your interested.

6 bottles of unopened 250 tabs per bottle doxycycline (brand: Doxine,) total 1500 tabs. Price at inhouse pharmacy is 105.00 dollars for 500 tabs. EXP: DEC 2010

47 PACKS (PACKS OF 6) OF AZITHROMYCIN. (Brand: Sandoz)  total of 282 caps. price for 48 caps is 149.00 EXP:02 2012.

I also have amoxy

I'm on Bicillian shot once a week, then I'm taking Zithromax daily

Hi All, I'm taking Bicillian a form of penicillin once a week, a shot in my butt, because Doxyi and Cednifer were making me go to the bathroom 20 times a day. Then my night sweats didn't stop and we added in the Zithromax. Is this a good start to the protocol? I've printed off the protocol sheet and will give to my Lyme Doctor next month, I hope he's on board. Started Billcin shots 7 weeks ago, Zithromax just about two weeks ago. I'm feeling better. I take CELLFOOD and I truly believe this has helped a great deal! Please share your thoughts with me on my antibiotics I'm taking right now.
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