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British physician who has created a combination antibiotic protocol for Cpn based on Vanderbilt/Stratton work.

Chronicles of a Rifampinaut: The Sixth Sense

I'm into my fourth day of a 5 day pulse. I forget what count this is, maybe the 22nd or 23rd? I know that April signified my official 2 year anniversary since starting the CAPi with NACi and Doxyi, way back when.  And here I still am, no better then when I began and sometimes worse.

Now, that being said, I haven't given up on anything.  I think that maybe I'm just starting to really figure things out about the CAP and how it can work for me.  What I mean by that is this...

Up until recently, I've been going through the motions, being very diligent to take NAC and abxi on a set schedule.  I still am; however, now I think I've found something in myself that I wasn't aware of before, a reaction I wasn't noticing.

An Old-fashioned Pulse

Six days after surgery for double mastectomy in Jan, 08, I "did a pulse", thinking since I would be out of action for a while, I wouldn't waste time doing nothing. Boy, did I get the pot stirred! I think all the flagyli went straight to the surgical site - and I understand that cpni bugs are found in cancer cells. I don't know if this is common, but maybe the experts can comment. In my last blog I mentioned that I am the third known case on our site of this kind of cancer (DCIS or a close cousin), and have since learned of at least three other stage four cancer cases of close friends or relatives of members.

It's a Summerdale Gold Kind of Spring...

With Springtime finally here and things going so well for me I thought it was about time for an update. Since the inclusion of Prilosec OTC and Calcium Pyruvate six weeks ago I have improved tremendously! I also added in Inositol and Ribose, and have doubled the Norwegian fish oil caps to support my nervous system while I discontinue antidepressants. I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop but here are the changes: 1. Able to successfully discontinue Wellbutrin XL 2. Able to tolerate Flagyli pulses now [timely and full dose] 3. Able to tolerate 600mg NACi daily[first time since I began CAP] 4. Beginning to gradually reduce Zoloft and Trazadone 5. No more strep-throat type neck aches, etc 6. Previously chronic low grade temp. is now a RARE event

Stratton Patents and ME Research UK

I've been in email contact with Dr Neil Abbot of ME Research UK (UK charity run ME research body www.meresearch.org.uk< )

I was wanting to send him the Stratton patents.  Of the 3 on this page :-


which would be the best one to send him?

FYI the main research that they do, is looking for the genetic markers of people with M.E/CFSi<

They have also done some research into irregularities of cell apoptosisi in people with CFS.  I told him that cpn prevents cell apoptosis.



Chronicles of a Rifampinianaut vol. 5: So Begins the Age of INH

WinkYes, I broke into my stash of INHi from last fall and took my very first dose of INH tonight with my second dose of Rifampin for the day, hence the Rifampinianaut. Isoniazid is the full name of INH and I just couldn't bring myself to label myself the Rifampiniazid. Of course, if one want's to be completely accurate, I would have to also work in Doxycycline, Azithromyocin, N-Acetyl Cysteine, and Metronidazolei. Hmmm....the Metroxyzithricetylfampiniazid, lol!!! O-kee, D'O-kee, I think not, lol

I Am Mad As Hell With A Certain Member Of The Media


Paula wanted me to ring a local talk show about the links between M.E/CFSi and cpni.  The show is Metroi Radio and the host is Alan Robson.

Paula is concerned about the number of people with severe M.E. who are unable to use the internet and wanted me to talk about this site, just to give some people some hope.

I was on the show for 33 minutes.  It started out pretty well, especially when I talked about Paula's history of M.E.

Problems started because of his ignorance.  He may have been playing devil's advocate, but he seemed to believe that CFS is caused by depression.  He even quoted a nurse who contacts the show regularly and says that it is caused by depression.

Chronicles of a Rifampinaut vol. 4: post pulse 21 and still going...

It's been a long time since I've been around on the site but decided today to write something, so that I could record where things are and have it to refer to in the future.  I'm sad to say that I'm no better off now then I was 4 months ago, at least as far as I can tell.  There are brief periods where I feel really good but that's nothing new, I've had that since before starting the CAPi almost 2 years ago. 

However, I do have to recognize that I'm still relatively early in the use of Rifampin, having started it in late August.  I'm on the end o my 7th month of using it.   Well, maybe early isn't the right term but I don't have a darth of experience with it although that's in process.

7th Pulse

I am now into my 7th pulse and it is going very well. Slight stomach unsettling, but not much.

It is really amazing how much energy I have. My wife said last night that she keeps marvelling at how well I look, and this is even though I am spending long hours at my computer. I have really moved on from the intense fatigue I experienced at the outset of this program, I also seemed to have lost my huge appetite for sweets (I have stopped buying them). So I feel that I have really progressed well.

Brenda's Progress

This is for Brenda who finally, after two years of Rifampin and flagyli, got her Doxycycline. She has been on it only for two weeks and today called to say: My grandchildren told me that I am walking better. I can lie on my back and draw my legs up and push them out again without cramps. I can turn over. Today I carried laundry out and hung it on the line. The feeling that I am dirty and have to get in the shower every ten minutes because my legs have movement under the skin, is going away (this was undoubtedly muscle spasms). I have lots more energy. AND .... her grandchildren came home with honor roll report cards.

Best pathology

Today I had my post-op checkup - "spectacular", got the drains and the Iron Maiden (my name for the ace bandage) removed, permission to drive (hot dog!), restrictions - don't lift 50# bags of grain for 4 weeks - not even 25# buckets. Will do. The very best part, though all that was pretty good - absolutely clean path report.

A Committee of One of Three of Many

Today I am eighty days post twenty-six day flagyli pulse and though I have not been around the world, I feel as though I have climbed my share of mountains. I was going to do another long pulse in January but have postponed it for two reasons: the first reason is that I have noticed, as have many of us, that the longer and more intense the pulse, the longer the recovery. It has been no exception with this extended (for me) one. I find this as a signpost for us - don't feel that "this is not working" if you choose to go outside the boundaries of the written protocol. This applies with the regular protocol, also, especially early on when this foe is lining up its defenses. We are writing in blood the new rules.

Embarking on CAP - what do you think of this protocol?

Last Fri I saw my new dr who is an integrative MD specializing in Lyme. Very nice, compassionate and down to earth person. The appt was early morning when I am not yet in my best shape. I was so exhausted and brained fogged, my BP was soaring 170/110 so that my hubby had to drive me over and was a big support at the dr's office as well. 

Happy New Year...........


I just thought I would wish everyone a fabulous 2008 before the Troll Queen appears.  I am getting slammed by flagylating flagylated critters.  Sinuses, head, low back lotsa pain & my temp is all over the map, k k k kkkkk cold, Herpes I rearing its ugly head.  I finally hit the "you've over done it" wall last night.  I am upping the mopper uppers & have been experimenting with Chitosan.  It binds fat so don't take it when I take the primrose & omega 3.  It seems to be helping too.

It is snowing here & chilly out, but I will be in AZ in 2 weeks & hopefully riding out winter there.  I am so affected by the weather changes at 10 minute intervals here.

Co-Enzyme Q10


I'm a bit confused about how much Q10 should be taken on the protocol.  It states that 30-200mg twice per day should be taken.  I am going to increase Paula's dose from 30mg to 50mg twice per day.  Is this correct or should we aim for the 200mg twice per day?  It just seems quite a large variation.

What does everyone else take?



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