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Chronic pain characterized by tender points, sleep disorder, fatigue

CPN versus Mycoplasma

Confused...I'm brand new so bear with me.  After weeks of major testing, I came back negative for all chlamydia but positive for mycoplasma and EBVi with natural killer cells at really low levels. 

My dr refered me to this site despite the negative chlamydia.    I tested positive for candida and am on Nystatin for 30 days and he added NAC then he said we would discuss a protocol.  Needless to say I was overwhelmed with the results and didn't realize I had one but not the other so....

 are they so similiar the protocolsi are the same?  I haven't seen much posting on mycoplasma so I'm wondering why he sent me here except they must be very similiar.

 Any help is appreciated and your patience as I wade through all this fabulous info.


End of Third Month Update

End of My 3rd Month Update:

I am now beginning my 4th month of ABXi and felt I should blog what has been happening. I finally reached the full 200 mg of Doxyi/day, the week of July 8th and was feeling pretty decent actually. I had 2 weeks of feeling normal "so to speak". Not "whispers" as you call them, but they were shouts!!!

Doctor in Australia who is happy to prescribe CAP treatment


I am pretty new to these pages. I live in Sydney and I am looking for a doctor who would be happy to prescribe CAPi treatment. So far I am awaiting my PRC blood results for Chlamydia and Mycoplasma. I am expecting them to be positive as I suffer from range of symptoms quite similar to those listed and voiced on these pages.

So far I haven't been able to locate any doctor who would have any experience with this treatment protocol. Please let  me know where to  look for help.

Thank you.

Case Reports from the Mitchell, Stratton et al patent

patent 6,838,552
                             TABLE 11
Serological and PCRi<i< Responses to Combination Antibiotic Therapy
Months of
Pa- Titer Antibiotic

Frustrated, Depressed -- Needing to Vent

This week has been one of depression/frustration.... probably due to my impatience and lack of control.  But also because I don't understand what is going on with my body and this bacteria!  Family members keep looking at me at asking "when are you going to get better"... I stopped trying to explain. Having to use a wheelchair this week -- I've experienced the stares from people and small children and now understand what those of you with MSi must endure from society.

Interstital Cystitis?

I haven't posted in a while, but I am still around, LOL and gleaning  the site.  

I had two wonderful weeks of feeling normal -- actually having some energy (not endurance, but definitely energy) and cognitive thinking (my brain fog had seemed to lift after I was on the full dosage of Doxyi)  I guess that was plateau #1!  It was so wonderful to feel normal, they weren't whispers, they were shouts!  It seems like FOREVER, but I  have only been on the full dose of doxy the  end of June/through the month of July.

Taking a break from continuous

I've upped my INHi to full dose now, which engendered more sacroilliac and lumbar back ache, but seemed otherwise manageable. But I've decided to take a break on the continuous tinii which I've been doing for a couple months. I'm on vacation and noticed with the increase in sunshine (Vit D?) and increase in INH that I have felt continually cruddy. Not smart on vacation! So I'm interested to see what the pattern is just on the regular antibioticsi. I'm particularly curious about post-pulse type symptoms (apoptosisi and cleanup) and cycling, which have been impossible to discern on a continous protocol. Always the fine balance between killing the buggers and having time to actually feel better!

hmmm ... "well tolerated"

I've been rather silent on the site the past week or so, in that, I have had some negative situations occurring in my life that have brought me down physically and mentally. (all pertaining to my work/insurance situation Yell ) This doesn't help my illness or state of mind!  But I would like to add a great big THANKS to the cheerleader on this site who keeps encouraging me! (and reminded me

It is official.....update


Vitaminsi are ramping up, Niacin">i 375 mg, NACi for 3 wks now 2gms, D 1600U, along with all the rest of the Wheldon recommended supplementsi & what I normally take.

another one new to this

Hi all,

I'm kind of new to all this, been searching for some answers to ongoing health "issues" and this site seems to answer more than any other I've found... been to several doctors and specialists including gastroenterologist, rheumatologist and recently immunologist with joint and other pain (recently suggested to me as fibromyalgia), headaches, respiratory problems that don't respond to asthmai medication or prednisilone, (wheezing, shortness of breath, constant infectionsi)... um what else? Basically everything in my body seems to be working at about 50% capacity, a lot of things people here have described I read and think, that's me too!

calm before the storm?

.. well my "what to do" has changed to "this is what I've done"... thanks to all of you who previously answered and supported me.

Since my last post, I started doxyi 100mg - 1/day for a week.  Everything went fine and I actually started to feel better until about the end of the week.  I became VERY tired on Thursday then Friday, okay.  By Saturday, I was running a low-grade fever and I could tell my body was needing more antibiotic (is that possible?) 

They're in the starting gate...&...they're offff....

Well, finally today my additional supplementsi recommended for the protocol have arrived!

I just had a snack, took the NAC & a few others, sorted & wrote on all the bottles & now I am tired & I need a nap!  Oregano Oil makes your lips feel funny!  I will have 3 weeks of NAC under my belt when I see my MD next on June 22.  Then I will have my prescriptions for the switch to the Wheldon Protocol.

ruthless1, Canada

Multiple Symptoms, here is my diatribe!!  I was new to the site April 06 & I have Fibromyalgia-FMSi, Chronic Fatigue Immunei Deficiency-CFIDSi/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis">i- ME, Chronic Lyme Diseasewith the usual cornucopia of underlying symptoms, crashes, flu like symptoms, migraines including CPNi, Babesia & recently hereditary genetic Hemochromatosis. 

Hold onto your hats: CFS/Cpn Article republished by Immune Support Newsletter

Well friends, expect another rush of interest in I sent the link to my recent article on CFS/FM & Cpn to Immunei Support, who publish a regular newsletter on CFS and FM topics. They were very interested in the article and published it, with some introductory commentary, in their Patient Opinion section of the CFS newsletter. You can find the article at:<

Outed again!

Continuous Flagyl??? Yes!

I never would have believed this a year ago, but I've been taking Flagyli for the last three days of my continuous protocol. Early on the nausea from Flagyl made me switch to Tinidazole. But I decided to try some Flagyl and noticed that it gives me more energy and clearer thinking than the Tini. I think there is reason to believe that it is a bit more effective than the Tini-- I have increased sinus drainage, some increased joint pain and the energy increase. Maybe there has been some bacterial resistance to Tini, from having used it for two years, that there isn't to Flagyl. Who knows? At any rate, I'll see if I can maintain continous flagyl, as it's only three days on the switch. Sometimes reactions build up.

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