CFS sufferer wondering about MS

Submitted by J R on Sat, 2017-11-04 15:27

I am a long term CFS sufferer (first became ill in 1995) but have in the last month or two wondered if I should consider asking for testing related to MS. Recently I have been experiencing arm and particularly leg weakness/heaviness and some difficulty walking when that is really bad. I also get muscle jerks, but typically only at night when lying down. I put some medical history below.

Lumbal puncture for Cpn diagnosis (urgent)

Submitted by Markus83 on Thu, 2017-10-05 05:42

Hello together,

the last weeks my tingling sensations worsened significantly. I have also muscle twitching now and a beginning numb feeling in the face, arms and legs. And fatigue of course. My neurologist wanted to do a lumbal puncture in the past, but I refused to let it do.

The symptoms are so strong now that I have to see a neurologist, and I think he'll insist that a LP must be carried out. I will ask the neurologist to look for Cpn, but I'm not sure which tests are needed. Can someone help me? I know a PCR for Chlamydia pneumoniae has to be done. Does it also make sense to measure IgG-antibodies against Cpn in liquor like it is done in Lyme disease? Any other senseful tests?

shortness of breath/cough/low grade fevers post stem cells/flu

Submitted by millyisfluffy on Sat, 2017-08-05 03:55

Hi all,

Just thought I would introduce myself, as I am new here.

My name is Deb from Geelong (Australia), 51 years old. I wanted to join this great forum because I suspect I am suffering with a cpn infection.

I received adipose derived stem cells in May of this year for severe unexplained joint pain and referred headaches, whilst I had a very sore throat, fever, malaise etc, along with an iron transfusion.

I did have some asthma like symptoms pre the stems, but not bad enough to seek medical attention. (have a history of childhood asthma)

2 days after the stems, i developed my first episode of rapid af, which reverted with iv magnesium.

Just tested positive for Cpn, lots of questions

Submitted by mamatriagain on Sat, 2017-05-20 10:44

Hi.  First, THANK YOU so much or this forum.  It's been so educational!

I have a few autoimmune diseases that I am trying to put into remission.  I recently switched doctors, and my new doctor ran a number of tests to look for hidden infections and viruses.  The results came back with Cpn IgG=1:512 (I had pneumonia in 2009, but exact type was not identified).  My doctor suggested I start taking 2400 mg of NAC, to see if I saw flu-like symptoms. Surprisingly, I haven't seen any symptoms at all.  

using test results to diagnose 'active' CPN? what to look for?

Submitted by mully024 on Wed, 2017-04-05 16:30


I have been poking around and am some what confused how doctors can use serlogy or PCR results to either rule in or rule out CPN as a potential cause of chronic illness... I've read that obviouly IGM and IGA elevations can be read as meaning 'active' but also IGG, IF elevated enough...my question I guess is what is high enough?

I've been tested multiple times...IGM, IGA always negative, non-existent...IGG always elevated, the highest its been is 1:256, with <1:64 being positive...

I've read titers greater than four fold can indicate chronic but not sure if that is correct....in my case my highest has been two fold...and when tested a few weeks ago it was 1:64 IGG postive...IGM and IGA negative again...

Questions from a newbie

Submitted by Julie M on Thu, 2016-07-21 02:36

Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with Cpn and Mycoplasma. My test result for Cpn IgG was 2:54 and IgA was 0.882. Obviously positive but as far as results go are they really high? What levels do other people on here have? I have only been on Doxy and Azithromycin and NAC 590mg twice daily, for 4 days now but as yet feel no negative affects. Does it take a while for these drugs to kick in? I keep waiting to see if I will get those horrible flu like symptoms that everyone else seems to get. Thanks I would love to get some feedback. Great informative site.

cheers from Julie in Brisbane

Cpn Diagnosis (I think!)

Submitted by J R on Fri, 2016-02-26 18:01

Well after 20 years of searching for a diagnosis for Chronic fatigue and digestive issues, I think I finally discovered I have Cpn (and maybe Lyme disease and it seems another type of pnuemonia too). But I would like to learn more about the tests and be sure that I actually have Cpn. These are my lab results:

Chlaydia pneumoniae IgG: Result - 1:256 (critical abnormal) Ref range - <1:16 
Chlaydia pneumoniae IgM: Result - <1:10 (Normal) Ref range - <1:10
Chlaydia pneumoniae IgA: Result - <1:16 (Normal) Ref range - <1:16

Is it normal for both the IgM and the IgA to be negative? Many people on the thread:


Infectolab Chlamydia pneumoniae Elispot LTT

Submitted by voyager on Wed, 2016-02-24 09:49

Hello! Smile

I'm new to the forum (but not new to chronic illness...).  I've been unwell for just over 20 years with ME/CFS.  In that time I've explored various causes for my symptoms and tried the usual gamut of treatments, at least those that seemed rational at the time.  In recent years I've become hypersensitive to medications and supplements, so I've slowed down my turnover of treatments as many times I can't tolerate them.