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Fampridine versus biotin

Submitted by supaguy on Wed, 2019-01-16 09:37

Has anyone with MS tried Fampyra (fampridine). From what I have seen, it looks like exactly the thing that I need. I saw a neurologist today and she explained that they can't prescribe it because it's not cost-effective in NICE guidelines. It does indeed seem to cost a lot of money ... but nothing like the sort of money that they are spending giving people  Tysabri. it is basically just a potassium channel blocker that speeds up impulses down the axons.


This drug is another one of those (like to Tysabri) that is made by Biogen.


Pinky has been working hard....

Submitted by Sarah on Sun, 2018-11-25 13:24

Pinky has been working hard over in Panjab this evening saving all the data before making the new messaging module live. The site is so heavy it always takes a long time. When the new module is installed, all the existing messaging data will be lost, so please make sure you save anything that has been built up since Kent dumped the first lot.  David and I have been trying out the new messaging on the clone site and it is much, much better.

The forum and everything else will be left untouched, so don't worry!

Growth of Chlamydia pneumoniae Is Enhanced in Cells with Impaired Mitochondrial Function

Submitted by OzMan on Thu, 2018-11-22 01:54

This may well have been posted before, and may not be new to the experts here. But its a detailed article and just less than a year old. Seems to very much confirm David Wheldon's and others' advice re: antioxidant supplementation, mitochondrial function, etc whilst treating CPn.

Most of the article is far too technical for our purposes, but ill post the abstract below.

I think it most likely makes a case for NAC quite strongly - i seem to remember reading how NAC can somewhat reverse mitochondrial hyperpolarisation.