Sunshine anyone?!?!

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Okay, if anyone can add to this, please do so. Mywife and I are sitting in the Houston airport waiting for our connecting flight to the Big D from Cancun. We spent a full 4 days, way too short, for our 10th anniversary. 

Now, everyday, I felt unbelievable. No symptoms that I can recall. No fever, twitching, fatigue, etc., etc? We spent almost all day on the beach or around the pool and under a cabana.

Now that we are heading back, I feel icky. The fatigue is showing up for sure, and the fever is also rearing it's ugly head through. 

I have to wonder if it was the sunshine (vitamin d) and possibly void of mold(even though it's tropical with high humidity. I would think there is a lot of mold)

Any thoughts?

Maybe it could be psychosomatic and I just want to make excuses to live in a tropical paradise. =D


Thanks for your response


Hi Christian

How nice that you had a beautiful time!  Did you take your abx (though you may be only on Doxy) and supps while you were "living it up"?    If you didn't take your abx I can agree with you about feeling fantastic.  If you did, it really may have been psychosomatic.  So what - it was real!  It also brings up the question - what is your Vit D level?

A couple of weeks ago, I did a very, very rare thing and went off my abx for three days.  Within twelve hours I was absolutely flying, mentally and very nearly physically.  Now I am back to the battlefield, and, while I am definitely not flying, I am infinitely better than seven years ago. 

Enjoy each day and dream of the beach.  Maybe it will be even better next time.


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That is the same thing that happens to me. I think the electromagnetic smog we live in is harmful, and our bodies can no longer detect the earth's natural, healthful frequency. When we immerse in the ocean, we are in a beneficial environment. At the airport you were bombarded by harmful electromagnetic frequencies, with no way to discharge.

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I absolutely believe in the positive effects of vitamin D. Similar to you, I went to FL for a family vacation during Thanksgiving several years ago (from Ohio). I felt so good while in FL. My husband and I went back to FL over Christmas again to see if I experienced the same thing or if it was just "wishful thinking". Sure enough, I felt sooo much better. As a result by August we had moved to FL! I am so happy we did. There are many studies showing the positive benefits of vitamin D. There are also studies which show MS patients are typically low in vitamin D. My neurologist has me supplementing with 50,000IU/week in addition. So you are not imagining the positive effects!
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Congratulations to a great anniversary, and the boost in health!

A few thoughts:

You are not taking vit D regularly?

When did you start feeling good?

I've experienced this previously, long before getting outright ill (minor symptoms that I now suspect is, or was, part of chronic infection illness).

I hope you can gain insight and leverage this into more permanent improvement.

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Hey Muchman!

OK....I have too theorized what happens at the beach—my past note:

We went to the beach on an over cast and very windy day.  It had been storming for several days,

The waves were crashing, ground still wet.  Some occasional bits of  sun.

We enjoyed this so much, laid down for several hours, went shelling.  It was awesome!  :)

That night slept better than we had for months and months.

Clearly, something happened to both of us.  I was not taking antibiotics--though I would likely have taken a break if I was.  

We both slept incredibly deep that night.

So, aside from the obvious wonderful mental break, was it   grounding   :)  or negative ions.   Vitamin D was very limited that day.

It was awesome!