27 Apr 2018

Vitamin D Success stories


Thought I'd start a thread about Vitamin D success stories that people have come across on the net. Here are a couple to get you started. Both sound as though they could be Cpn-related: http://www.muscletalk.co.uk/article-vitamin-d.aspx http://www.lipotherapeia.com/nutritional-therapy-london/vitamin-d-testing-and-supplementation.html 


Garcia, Thanks for the links on vitamin D, as my levels have been staying around the 30 mark. I used to live in sunny California and my levels must have  been in the healthy range during that time. You don't realize when you live in a area with less sunshine how important it is to supplement.

Still have problems with the die off when I try to take D supplementation. I will make this a first priority and see it this could be causing many of my symptoms.


Thanks again,

BonnieImage removed. I see more sunshine in my future

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Might I suggest that you change the title of your post to "Vitamin D success stories?"   Since this is a Cpn forum, I thought it was about Cpn success stories.

Your idea is great, just thought some clarification might help.  Image removed.

Best, Timaca

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> Might I suggest that you change the title of your post to "Vitamin Di success stories?"

Sorry I realised this a couple of seconds after posting. Once you post you can't change the post-title. If Jim sees this I'd be grateful if he could change the post topic to "Vitamin D success stories".

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