Substituting Doxy - non photo sensitive alternative?

Hi All

I'm about to start month 6 of the DW protocol as a CPn treatment.  I have previously had a RRMS diagnosis and am taking Doxy 2 x 100mg daily. Azith 1 x 250mg Mon/Wed/ Fri, Metronidazole 2 x 400mg 7 days every 4th week, NAC & Supplements. 

I would like to substitue the Doxy for a non-photosensitive antibiotic (with tthe summer months coming up) and am wondering which ABX at what dosage, if any, is the best alternative to Doxy in terms of providing the same mechanism alongside the Azithromycin and Metronidazole.

Could anybody make any suggestions, please?



Nice that you are doing well.  As far as I know there is nothing like Doxycycline.  It is safe in so many, many ways, for both long and short-term, the main draw-back, as you know, being its quirk of making us somewhat sensitive to the sun.  Considering how valuable it is to us, we make the best of it and do what is necessary. 

You probably know that you can take your Vit D orally and use sun-screen.  The discovery that most of us are severely low on Vit D is another good reason to do it anyway.  Besides, well, I won't go into skin cancer....


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In my experience one gets used to it and the "lobster effect" becomes less .


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So over time with less skin based infected cells the reactivity may be less and that has been some foks emperical experience.   Doxy is well documented by extentsive testing being an early antibiotic, it is generic and inexpensive.  And it's alternative listed on the charts available through the tabs above also have potential undesirable side effects.   I had someone post me about a year ago whose wife had been on Minocycline and after a long course for arthritis had developed reactionary Lupus which abated after it was discontinued.   And reoccured with reintroduction of it.   Except for the stomach sensitivity that it causes some of us and the photo sensitivity in the early use that troubles some of us (both of these have been challenges for me) it has been taken to the test of time for safety.    Some of us have challenges with processing and removing many drugs and substances from our bodies, and Doxy may cause that challenge as well but that will be true for the alternatives as well.   So you are sick, this is the best cure around at this point, getting to wellness is a process and you have to work with the process.  There is no free lunch unfortunately.   You have to go through the forest to get to the other side IMHO.    Welcome DanW.  I am weller for CAP, I wish the same for you and all. Louise
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Hi Dan,

I live in sunny Phoenix and so I opted to use minocycline.  I have been on mino with other antibiotics now for about 5 yrs with no problems that folks have had due to doxycycline.  (I had one break of 6 mos before starting CAP last May)

Minocycline is a little more broad spectrum than doxy so I've read that some people have more reaction to it in the form of die off so in that way it can be more difficult, although my understanding is it's not as much of an issue with the sun (I do sunbathe when it's nice outside) nor is it as porphyrin inducing as the doxy.  

I had asked Dr Stratton if it was ok for me to use mino instead of doxy and he said that was fine.  The cost is more of an issue for some people without insurance coverage given the length of time we're on it so that's something to consider.  

Miyeng Meng has recently switched from mino to doxy so maybe she'll come along and share her experiences.  Since I've never taken doxy I can't tell you if I'd have any more photo issues personally on it but I'm hoping I won't have to switch due to cost any time in the near future with summer approaching here in the desert.   Image removed.

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Thanks for your replies.  I didnt realise that Doxycycline was so unique -- I read in DW's notes where he said:

" A schedule of treatment. ( )
This is one schedule that strikes all stages of the organism's life-cycle. Other equally good schedules are possible"

And so I wondered whether anyone had suggestions for a simple substitution that could be made.  Hopefully the photo-sensitivity will subside in time.  I don't notice any other Doxy side-effects.

Thanks again


Yes, it is true what Reenie has mentioned about me Dan. I started the CAP in Sept. I was on Minomycin from Sept.-Jan. I had a horrible time with joint & tendon pain while on it. Wrists, fingers, shoulders, knees, etc. It isn't the first experience I had with this.

I was on another protocol before I began this CAP. At that time I was using Minocycline in subclinical doses. I was having excruciating pain in my shoulders from it. When I quit using it the pain eventually left and I was able to freely use my shoulders after a few months. 

I hasten to add you must know we are all different. Who knows what each of us will experience using meds? We seem to all be somewhat of our own unique experiment in many ways I think it is safe to say.

I have been journaling my switch from Mino to Doxy if you care to read my blog. As a matter of fact I am presently here to add my lastest entry. Was curious to read your post first. I have been contemplating whether I want to use Mino during summer or not, given my reaction to it. I live in the Northwest so don't have strong sun rays to deal with more than a few weeks. Upon becoming more tolerant of the sun exposure now it is most difficult for me to want to stay out it. I have been avoiding it by necessity for several years now. I believe I know now I have had bad secondary porphyria which obviously the sun increased. So perhaps one more summer of avoidance would not be a bad idea for me. Image removed.  On the other hand I would like to use up the bottle of Mino I have left over. It seems to me it may hit different areas of infection for me so maybe that is a good thing? So am thinking it would be an interesting experiment after using Doxy for several months to see what kind of reaction I get to the Mino this summer.

I do not like the 8 AM morning sickness Doxy gives me. Fortunately a saltine cracker seems to help. After my 8 PM evening dose by habit I eat unbuttered, sea salted popcorn. I will mention I am finding it interesting that the Doxy has increased symptoms in my scalp, sinuses, brain, nerves and skin.  

Perhaps with care the sun won't be a problem. I can wear my special sunblocking clothing & hat on hottest days for sure no matter. I hope your experience will provide you the wellness you seek whatever you decide.  MM

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Hello Dan, fellow Liverpudlian here, I've been on the CAP for over one and a half yrs and with the climate we've had, I've felt no sensitivity effects.  Let's face it, when was the last time we saw the sun for any length of time lol.  The other effects I have felt from taking Doxy started out as pretty unpleasant but they have gradually decreased with time.  Wishing you all the best.


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Yes, British weather shouldn't be too big a problem although I have 'cooked' in the car a couple of times which is why I'm nervous about the summer.  A few people have said that Minocycline is a potential substitute and so I'm researching this.  Prices at (my ABX supplier) are quite a bit higher for Minocycline than for Doxycycline so this might tip the scales in Doxycycline's favour if it becomes purely a cost judgement.

The other reason I was looking to substitute Doxy is that I have Optic Neuritis in both eyes which hasn't improved during the past 18 months and is arguably worse.  I'm aware that in remote cases Doxycycline can cause eye problems and although I doubt that it -is- causing any, it seems to make sense to try an alternative, just in case.

I also get a fair amoung of wrist ache (not quite 'pain') which I had never associated with the ABX, but having read Miying Meng post, I need to factor this in too.

Lots to research and some blogs to read :)



Danw, Judicious use of prednisone might be of help with your optic neuritis (that was my first, best, indicator of MS, and I'm thankful it caused me to be diagnosed instantly). I'm taking vitamin A daily, for eye health. Maybe it'll help you.

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