Hi All. I was just thinking of ways to help spread the word and I think StumbleUpon would be a great tool for this. How SU works is a little confusing at first but it is effective because it steers websurfers to recommended sites pertaining to their interests. It works better than search engines because it limits surfing to quality sites that have been recommended, eliminating all the junky and useless sites out there. So anyone "Stumbling" topics on FMS, MS, etc, are more likeing to find this site. If they like it, they can give it a "thumbs up" which will boost the site's rank further. Someone already put this site in the SU database but we could boost it more by each creating our own SU page and adding pages from here. You can also use SU to "Stumble" FMS, MS, etc, yourself and find people interested in these topics, and make "Friends" so it works as a networking tool too. I created a SU page to promote my art site back in Aug and my site's traffic has an average of 4 times the traffic it had before I made a SU page. I have a traffic tracker so I can see all the increase has come from SU.

Something to look into.