Steve J's Update: Lost Job

Submitted by cypriane on Fri, 2009-01-09 14:58

Steve was laid off this morning along with many others in his company. Any layoff is life-changing, but I fear life as we have known it has reached a definitive end. Steve feels pretty hopeless that he will ever be employed again, and in this economy at this time in his life, he's probably right. Still, he will seek help from agencies who help the disabled find work.

In the meantime, he's already filed for state unemployment benefits, and I'm tackling the task of filing for disability benefits. Even though we both knew it was a fair possibility, we are both like "deer caught in the headlights."

If there's a word to describe this feeling, the one that comes to mind at this moment is BEREFT.

Oh, Joyce, I'm so sorry to hear that.   There is little comfort in knowing that Steve is one of thousands, with thousands more to come.   We are all feeling the pinch here too.   Hopefully Steve will find something else with the help of the disability employment people.  

I know it does not fill the pocket book, but voluntary work is a good way of keeping your hand in and filling the CV with genuine experience.

Good luck to both of you.

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I am sorry sorry to hear this Joyce. I hope the new administration will act quickly to institute a WPA-type of jobs plan. When a door closes, a window may open. I hope you both can weather the storm as better days lie ahead. My mother owns a small business and she is on the verge of going broke. At 86, this is really tough after working hard for so many years. My dad is gone and she is on her own financially. Help cannot come too soon for all who are in this bind.

I will say a prayer for you both,


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Joyce, so sorry to hear this. I hope Steve can find a new job.

Best Wishes to you both,Maria

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Joyce, truely sorry to hear this information. 

Numbers are climbing, just heard that taking into account those that are part-time employed and discourage in job search the numbers here are about 13%.   You are resourceful, you are here.  I can understand the hesitation to apply for disability for sure lots of personal implications to accept in addition to the financial impact of that decision.

Prayers for resourceful inspiration for both of you,


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There is nothing that I can add except my own sympathies.  Having known you here, and hearing of steve's stubbornness, I can't help but believe that you two will turn this into a positive time.   


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Sorry to hear this too, Joyce.    Hang in there...

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That's always such a staggering blow. However, at least Steve can take this crumb of comfort: he did his part. He didn't get fired for non-performance nor lack of ability. He's just a victim of others' greed and incompetence, for what comfort that is.

However, I note that you two are already fighting the next battle. Not down, surely not out, just changing your footing and fighting on. Admirable.

 I will add my prayers, as well as any tips that come my way, although I don't hear many in Ohio, let alone Texas. Still, who knows how the answer will come? Not by any route we'd have predicted, usually.


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Joyce, Ron has put his reply a perspective that is uplifting, with a sensitivity that is exquisite. 

Again, Prayers for resourceful inspiration.


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Joyce, So sorry to hear and not much to add but I do believe it will open a window - but will take some time. You are in my thoughts and prayers - hang in there.

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sorry to hear this Joyce. 

Ron put the reasoning for this world wide economic downturn into great perspective that I agree with, for what that is worth.  Cling to the Father who is carrying you now & ask for his guidance & wait for the other door to open.  In the meantime, this down time can be used for good personally or for others, there is something good to come from everything in this world.




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I too am sorry to hear your news Joyce; having been made redundant myself I do know that bereft feeling. As my mother used to say, "one door closes then another one opens." I used to think that was a pretty useless thing to say, but after a lifetime of being a librarian I was determined to be my own boss and so take charge of my life. Now I make websites for a living ( after doing even more exams, when I'd sworn that I wouldn't take any more!) and the only thing that I really hate now is doing my annual tax return.

Not only that but the interest in web design lead to me finding a soulmate, something I'd thought was impossible previously. If I had not lost my job none of this would have happened - and I would have been facing MS and the CAP alone too.

All this was to say that is possible that good will follow for you and Steve too. Image removed.



Friends,  Y'all are more comforting than you could guess.  I'll make sure Steve reads these comments tonight.  He'll be busy cleaning/oiling the kitchen cabinets today, and he's full of more ideas of household tasks that have been sliding for a while now.

He plans to ride in with me a couple of days a week, go to Mass, go to the gym, have lunch with an old friend, etc.  In other words, he has plans to stay active and engaged.  Our world is much less dark than it seemed last Friday.  Change is such a reliable constant.


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Rats, Joyce!  You are both being very brave and realistic bout all this and at least you know that Steve is not the cause but the worldwide downturn which seems to have come from nowhere.

Maybe lots of people, when spring comes, will suddenly realise that their kitchen cabinets need a good clean and an oiling, and will come to resourceful people like Steve because they can't afford new ones...............Sarah

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