Submitted by froggy 1965 on Mon, 2016-03-07 14:25

so on day 2 of pulse now, feeling v bad - can report a little progress, - bladder a bit better can drink coke again which is great - used to go staight through me.  carer got me some adult pampers, that has certainly encouraged me to get a grip!  Anyway still living in hope and getting some positive signs.  Keep on with the battle!  Love S

Hey ...


Come on Froggy ...


Returning bladder control deserves a bit more of a mention than this.


Before, if you drank a can of Pepsi, you'd have a more or less instant lemonade fountain ... regardless of whether you were on a boat, a train or an aeroplane.


Regaining control of bladder function is a big deal wherever you are ... particularly if you ain't anywhere near a loo.


I really do think that this calls for a celebration. Vodka and cola all round. The tab for this one is on you, Froggy!

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