Sleep Apnea / Hypopnea and CPN...


And particularly anyone with a medical, scientific background or knowledge - this is an inquiry.

I have recently been diagnosed with a pretty severe case of Obstructive Sleep Apnea - and will be treated with CPAP soon. 

I've learned that during a sleep apnea event - which can happen frequently during sleep (over 35 times per hour for me apparently) - that blood oxygen saturation levels can fall, some times a lot.

I also did just bit of research and found that Chlamydia Pnuemonia is Anaerobic.

The questions I have are - 1.  Is the lowering of blood oxygen levels significant enough and relevent when the active phase of CPN is when it is within a cell to help a germ that is Anaerobic.  and 2.  If it is enough to provide an advantage or some kind of "shelter" to the germ - is it possible that sleep apnea could explain why some folks recover more quickly than others (e.g. folks without sleep apnea).

Rick does snore (a potential sign of sleep apnea) - and I've suggested he get checked for sleep apnea soon.  Apparently - sleep apnea is nothing to snore about - it can be (and is for me) pretty serious.

Thank you ahead of time for your thoughts.

Tom C