Sjogren's and Flagyl

Found this site through a search.  I saw an old post from someone by the name "Lee", that used a protocol that emphazied Flagyl for treatment of Sjogren's, which I was diagnosed earlier this year.  This thing is really causing havoc for me.  I have been using Minocycline, but it keeps progressing anyway.  Saw the post which was stated that pulsing Flagyl made the difference.  Took my first dose today, but it really made it workse, maybe a Herx??  I sure hope so.

Has anyone had experience with Sjogren's and antibiotics? Thanks.

Any chance that was Lee McGhee?

This isn't a conventional course of antibiotics, where you take your medicine and you simply get better.  When the antibiotics hit this bacteria, there's a battle, which causes inflammation, which results in what appears to be 'making it worse'.  It isn't.

You need to slow down a minute and do a lot of reading here, rather than diving into self-medicating.  Too much, too soon, will not be helpful and can even be harmful.  While you're waiting for responses on Sjogren's, go to Dr. Wheldon's pages and read his rationale for the protocol, how it's administered and why.  Ignore the MS references and just substitute 'cpn' in your head as you read through it.


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Thanks for the info.  Not sure of the last name, only saw the name "Lee" in the posts,they were in 2007.


The minocycline my doc prescribed, the Flagyl was my idea.  I only took 250mg today to see how I reacted, within one hour I went downhill.  Waiting to see what happens over the next day or so.  I will take a look at the section you mentioned, thanks.

I think you're on the right track with flagyl it really works

I also use Essential oils and get a similar but not as strong reaction

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Today was not bad at all.   I always start off the day by popping a Salagen to get the saliva flowing for a limited time.  By the afternoon I noticed, the effects of the medication still seemed to work, or was it my own natural saliva?  The Salagen from past experience is good for a few hours max, so must be I am producing more?  Not jumping to any conclusions yet. Anyway, took another dose late afternoon, and was good to bedtime.


Starting off this day the same, popped one earlier and going out, will see what happens.



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This is interesting, too bad never said how it went finally.  I have sjogren's also, doing minocycline 100mg daily, have tried Flagyl, also Tinidazole,  Amoxicillan in various combos, some help, not much over just Mino.   I have read that Sjogrens is due to H Pylori, tough to get rid of, but there is a new drug being tested i Phase 3, with 90% cure reate.  Uses Amoxicillan, Rifabutin and Prilosec for 2 weeks.  Anyone ever try the Rifabutin, heard it is hard on the liver.  Hope to hear   some feedback on this drug, thanks.


Started off this morning, just as bad as yesterday, had to take Salagen just to get some saliva!   As the day wore on, it started getting better, at this point as I type, I am back to how I was before the Flagyl, maybe tomorrow will be better?  We'll see.  Looks like a pretty strong herx, must be on to something like you said.

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