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Submitted by Bluesky on Sat, 2011-07-02 18:30
My 17 year old daughter has had chronic fatigue for about 6 months everyday. We are considering the CPn treatment. Will the side effects cause her to miss school (its already hard for her to get through the school week)? Or can we go carefully enough so that it won't be so bad for her?  Also, has anyone heard of problems after treatment is done from so much antibiotics?

Welcome Bluesky

She probably won't have as hard a time as she would if she had had CFS for years.  I have MS, though, so someone with a more intimate knowledge of her situation may come along.

However, If she uses the Wheldon Protocol, she may find it very tolerable.  Has she begun NAC, some of the other supplements, and checked her Vit D level?  These things are very beneficial to anyone who is on this.


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I have had ME/CFS since a bout of flu in 1979 and my life has been aweful because of it.  In those days I knew nothing about a long term antibiotic protocol so I would think it has to be worth giving it a try.

One thing to mention is to ensure she protects her gut with good daily probiotics and natural antifungals if necessary.

Hope you can find a good doctor to help guide you and keep a check on liver enzymes.  My doctor is treating me for what she calls "stealth pathogens" and there is evidence for these as a problem in ME/CFS.

Good Luck.


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Can you recommend any specific natural anti fungals and the daily probiotic amount?  Thanks for the tips.

I have full blown chronic fatigue syndrome for 5 years. It is awful to say the least. Nothing has worked for me.  I will probably try the antibiotic treatment too. I don't want the fatigue my daughter has been having to turn into CFS for her.

Is she in school right now?

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She starts her senior year in high school in about 7 weeks. I was thinking if we started now, at least she could try it before she goes back to school and see how it goes.  She has a hard enough time getting through school with the fatigue, so I don't want this to make it worse.

She starts her senior year of highschool in seven weeks. So I was thinking of her trying it now before school starts. She had a hard enough time getting through the last half of her junior year because of constant fatigue, so I don't want to make it any worse.

You might want to read this:

Anticandidal and Other Supplements



Mode of Action



Acidophilus and other “good” intestinal flora

See recommended dosage by manufacturer.

Replaces intestinal flora killed by antibiotics and/or imbalanced by Cpn, Candida, etc.

Helps prevents C. Difficile infection from antibiotics.

Helps intestinal symptoms.

Best is a multi-flora formulation.

Enteric coated may help better survive stomach acids.

Essential for using CAP’s


Olive leaf extract

1-2 caps twice a day

Anti-viral, anti-candidal, antibacterial.


Stimulates NK cell production, so is immune boosting


Oregano oil

As directed

Antifungal, anticandidal

Can be used as preventative or treatment of intestinal candida.



200mg 2-3 times per week



Uses p450 liver enzymes for metabolism, so caution if liver is effected.