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I appreciate your willingness to consider supervising me on a Combined Antibiotic Protocol to treat my (………………….), as an expression of a persistent Chlamydia Pneumoniae (Cpn) infection.   I understand that this protocol is not conventional, and as with any medication, some negative effects could occur, however, there is compelling evidence to suggest that Cpn may be implicated in my condition.


There is also evidence suggesting that lab tests to detect a Cpn infection are not definitive and somewhat limited.  These lab tests are most accurate in showing positive results in the event of a current infection.  Chronic infections may not produce positive lab results due to the obligate intracellular nature of the reticulate body and cryptic life stage of persistent Cpn.   Cryptic Cpn will convert back to reticulate bodies when conditions are favorable for its replication and further infection in the body.


The specific protocol I am asking you to supervise was created to eradicate a Cpn infection but may eradicate other bacterial infections as well.  Proof or identification of a specific infection is not my ultimate objective.  I would like to try this treatment empirically to see if I can halt the progression of my condition.  A document is enclosed which outlines an example of the protocol and basic information about the Cpn lifecycle and the specific aspects needed for its successful treatment.  


Because of these specific circumstances surrounding the life cycle of this bacteria, stopping and starting short courses of a single antibiotic will promote bacterial resistance rendering the antibiotics ineffective.  Using antibiotics in combination has the added advantage of a synergetic effect on the bacterium that inhibits the development of resistance and renders them more effective.   A key point in the successful treatment of this obligate intracellular bacterial infection is that the duration of treatment should be sufficient to eradicate all of the life phases.


I am hoping you will be willing to supervise my progress and provide oversight and treatment for any related concerns as we co-operate to improve my health. 


I can provide you with contact details for the doctors who have been responsible for the research into Cpn and the development of this protocol, should you want to consult them.

  • In the USA, Dr Charles Stratton, MD, of Vanderbilt University
  • In the UK Dr. David Wheldon, MD, consultant microbiologist.


Thank you again for your willingness to consider helping me in trialing this therapy for Cpn.   I hope that we can engage in a co-operative relationship with the aim of improving my health.