Seven Keys to UtraWellness - Balancing them and Optimizing the Plan

A good read, The UltraMind Solution;Fix Your Broken Brain By Healing Your Body First by Mark Hyman,MD, Ney Your Times Bestselling Author of UltraMetabolism. 

This book outlines a 6 week plan that encompasses much of the adjuncts that many here have been advised by their practitioners to incorporate into their treatment plans along with CAP. 

Last summer I purchased it at my providers office in hard cover, it was released in Dec.2008.   It will be out in paperback in June 2009 and I was surprised to learn today that it is available on CD and as an MP3 download format.  On amazon there is an excerpt of the author reading from chapter 1.   There may even be some used copies around by now online.

I especially have enjoyed reading;

Part IV: Balancing the Seven Keys and Optimizing the Plan.  This section seems to outline the previous 350 pages of approaches. 

This is not new information each chapter is well footnoted with references to track down for further reading.

Infection is mentioned over and over as one factor on the list of potential problems.   Understandably, it is not the focus of the book and is not addressed directly.  

I see this book as summarizing many of the supports that are discussed in this community which some people find appropriate and useful for their particular situations and that may add to the potential effectiveness of combination antibiotic protocols and possibly deal with some of the roadblocks to progress and challenges during treatment.

I think that others here may have been reading this book.  It certainly covers a good number of  the adjuncts that some users here have shared as being suggested by their providers, adjuncts that I have tried and and benefited from, these are explained more fully and available for ease of reference in this book.   

My thanks to those who have been willing to share what their physicians are suggesting to them so that others here can discuss these adjuncts with their own providers regarding their appropriateness for their own treatment.    Louise


Mary Ann wrote on another thread about this book,

"Thanks Louise.  I just bought it at and it is on my Kindle now.  Anxious to start reading it. Hope he covers chelation!    Mary Ann

Mary Ann, I did not know it was available as a Kindle read.  I know you are an avid reader, I'd really enjoy your insights for discussion here as your make your way through it.       Louise

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