Setting up schedule for Wheldon protocol

Can someone offer advice on setting up meds? I’ve been searching the website but get varying ideas. I have them set up currently as follows:

6 am

doxyi, NACi, vitaminsi D, C, E, B complex, Fish oil, coq10, ALC/ALA, evening primrose oil, biotin, prednisone

9 am probiotic

6 pm Doxy and NAC

8 pm probiotic

10 pm calcium, selenium, and B complex

Vitamin b12 throughout the day for 3 months

Thank you!


Sorry! I forgot to add turmeric to 6 am list

Hi Trish!

Firstly, let me wish you good luck with the protocol.

You sound very organised and clearly have studied what you're doing. Fair play to you if you can be that regimented; I certainly could not. I take my doxycycline two together, that way, there's no chance whatsoever of them interfering with my probiotics later or of them clashing with zinc (which you should be taking and should be kept away from doxycycline).

You mentioned as an afterthought taking turmeric. Please be mindful that turmeric is 100 times more potent If taken alongside black pepper, or better still, the active ingredient of black pepper, which is bioperine. That can be bought in capsules, as can tumeric.

Of course, after a few weeks when you have become used to and are tolerating the doxycycline, you will need to introduce the macrolide antibiotic; either azithromycin or roxithromycin. Even further down the road, you will need introduce nitromizadoles (metronidazolei or tinidazole) in pulses working up to 5 days.

Once again, good luck.



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Hi G,

Thank you! Your response is helpful. I tell you what I’ve never been this organized in my life that’s why I am asking the wise ones! Simple is truly better for me too Especially with a bit of brain fog.

Is the turmeric necessary? It sounds like it might be for joint pain which I do have but I’m on prednisone for it.

Thank you,


Duplicate post.  Please disregard

“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln<

Trish ...

There are lots and lots of supplementsi that people can take. I have done all sorts of supplementsi over the years. There is no way that I can honestly say this one or that one worked magic for me. I know a chap with MSi - who's not doing this protocol - who absolutely swears by taking lots of fish oils and has done well. He was taking so much that he thought that he might actually grow gills.

You asked above specifically about turmeric. Tumeric is known to be anti-inflammatory. I have MS. The department at the hospital that are allegedly supposed to be treating me is called the neuroi inflammatory team. Yes it is true that inflamation it's bad for the joints and for people with arthritis. I have no doubt that it can be bad for the nervous system too (and many other systems of the body).

Anyway, if you are going to take tumeric, if you add the bioperine, one tumeric capsule becomes the equivalent to 100 tumeric capsules.

But hey-ho, there are all sorts of supplements out there that people can take. At one time, I was spending more money on supplements than I was on my mortgage. Keep your own counsel and be guided by common sense. If the supplement police come a banging at your door, demanding to know why you haven't taken this supplement or that supplement, just tell him to sod off ... or better still, tell them supaguy said.

(By the way, my previous was updated).

One other thing, Trish.  You mentioned that you have joint pain. What do you think is the cause of that is? My guess is chlamydia pneumoniae.


Whatever drugs that you are taking, none of them preclude taking tumeric. What you describe to me double the reason to take that very easy yellow spice.


“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln<

Hi G,

I really appreciate your feedback and knowledge.  I certainly appreciate the biopreine knowledge!  Yes, the suppluments are expensive. I will alert the supplement police that you have advised me =-)  

Yes, I have upper body (wrists, thumb joints, elbows, and shoulders - muscles now too!).  I had asthmai in 2003 (difficult and progessive) for about 10 months.  I took doxyi for another medical issue and my asthma went away.  I met Dr. Hahn through Jim Quinlin's website (I was googling the link between doxy and asthma).  Of course my doctor shrugged it all off and wouldn't give me long term antibioticsi.  So I scrounged as much doxy as I could and took it for 3 months.  I was asthma free for 11.5 years.  In 2014, my left wrist swelled.  Then my right elbow started hurting.  My thumbs were next.  Then my right shoulder.  All the while I am going to physical therapy and getting cortizone shots.  Then my asthma started coming back and I still didn't think it was related - I knew the asthma was c pneumonia but not the spreading aches and pain.  The rheumatologist pretty much said - it's age - women after menopause etc.  My new doctor is wonderful and when I explained the c pneumonia and the need for doxy, he said whatever you need.  However, this time I asked for the blood test which of course came back with the IGGi level flagged.  So, when the rheumatoligist couldn't figure my pain out, I started wondering if it wasn't related and I started looking further into David Wheldoni's work and now on cpnhelp.  

Throughout my own journey to this point today, my sister also had adult onset asthma and eventurally also MSi.  In 2003, I tried to get her to look into c pneumonia but she didn't.  In 2015 when I had my bloodwork done, I took her Dr. Hahn's book and asked her to get the bloodwork done.  She got it done in December of 2015 and her IGG level was flagged.  Unfortunately, her neurologist didn't know how to treat it or what it meant and said he was contacting the CDC.  I even came on here looking to see if I could find a doctor for her in the Chicago area.  She was also on a new medicine for the MS which had some nasty side effects and was experiencing a lot of anxiety which she also struggled with throughout her life.  Her heart collapsed in March and she was gone just like that.  I don't want to do that and if my story can help others I want to share it.  I'm all in.

Probably more than you asked for G....sorry =-)


Can't delete, once someone replies, Supaguy.  I can edit it to say 'disregard - duplicate post', if you like?

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I'm so sorry to hear about your sister, Trish. That's so sad. Wishing you well with your own treatment. 

The only rules I have ever followed were probiotics at least 2 hours after abxi and mineral containing supplementsi (calcium, magnesium, selenium, etc) at least a couple of hours away from abxi. I started taking doxycycline twice a day until I could tolerate it, but then took it as one dose instead, as that tended to make things easier.

Neuroi symptoms & many health problems from 1989. NACi+all supps(04/11) CAPi(05/11)

Thank you Boadicea. Trish

Trish, you have been through so much, and much that I am sorry has happened.

You take B-12 - good!  I take 30,000 units every day sublingually.  I used to try to remember spacing it thtough the day till  I mentioned it to my doctor.  His response was to take it all at once.  It workes.

I wish you the very best.  We will never get all of ourselvers back, but I have gotten more back than I ever hoped or expected.  I took charcoal - 12 capsules a day - for years.


3/9 Symptoms returning. Began 5 abxi protocol 5/9 Rifampin 600, Amox 1000, Doxyi 200, MWF Azith 250, flagyli 1000 daily. Began Sept 04 PPMSi EDSSi 6.7 Now good days EDSS 1 Mind, like parachute, work only when open. Charlie Chan  In for the duration.&am

Hi Rica,

Thank you for your kind words.what does the charcoal do? I have it but wasn’t sure when exactly to take it. I have the glucose and vitamin c flush too. Brain fog is terrible. I’ll have to reread that document about getting started!

How Long have you been on the protocol?

Thank you, 



Charcoal is a "Mopper".  There are several moppers mentioned within these pages, including diatomaceous earth, chlorella and charcoal.

A kitchen mop mops up the mess and spills in the kitchen. Moppers in this protocol mop up some of the mess in your intestines 

Charcoal was / is used in gas masks. It adsorbs any nasty, noxious or poisonous gasses. Charcoal is sometimes used in water filters. Diatomaceous earth is used in pool filters. All of these substances soak up or mop up nasty or noxious substances.

You are taking antibiotics. Those antibiotics are doing a lot of killing. There are an awful lot of dead germs, cell debris and toxins to  be removed from your body. Much of that gunk is filtered from your blood stream and dumped in the upper part of the small intestine via the bile duct. The small intestine is designed to absorb stuff that's in. Unfortunately, some of this gunk and toxins can be re-reabsorbed back into the bloodstream in the same way that nutrients are. The moppers wrap this gunk up and prevent reabsorption.

I  am not a doctor but that is my understanding of it.

Moppers - particularly charcoal - can mop up everything. One morning, I believe that I forgot that I'd already taken my antibiotic and took another lot. I panicked; so to prevent any damage, I took several charcoal capsules. That would soak everything up. So, never take charcoal anywhere near your abxi.

I admit that I don't actually bother with the moppers. I used to take a heaped teaspoonful of HUMAN FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth in a glass of water (do not use pool grade).


“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln<

Got it G! Thank you! Trish

Hi Trish,  I am so very sorry to hear about your sister.

i find charcoal really messes with my bowels, so I drink water, lots and lots of a good, naturally sparkling water Instead! I also take natural turmeric, and always have done, along with natural garlic, lots of both,my husband complains, but hey-ho, they seem to help keep coughs and colds at bay. I also take alot of B Vitaminsi, which make  a huge difference to me.  i take probiotics in the morning, so, apart from during a pulse , i can be sure the antibiotics won’t affect them. I take,, all my Roxyi, a while before my evening meal and Doxyi, after..  i’ve come to realise how differently our bodies respond to the various conditions caused by  CPni and the abxi, so, i think SG is correct in encouraging you to do as your own body says you should! I really hope you respond well to it all!

Good luck


PS, i hate feeling like a fussy eater, i was a human food bin, but now avoid Nightshade vegetables, which, famously, cause aches and pains, and can worsen fatigue

MSi symptoms from 2001, DXi RRMSi in 2008, following, a change of hospital who sent me for an MRI, precipitated by some sight loss. Took Interferons, on and off. Prescribed  chemo infusions to slow pro

Hi Jane,

Thank you. So far I am doing well. I started the doxycycline and most of the supplemwnts on 1/2/18. The NACi came on the 3rd so I took one that day and had what felt like the start of a cold for a couple days. The remaining supplementsi (turmeric, biotin, and evening primrose) on the 5th.  I am taking sublingual b12 throughout the day as directed. The probiotics at least 3 hours after the antibioticsi. I learned yesterday not to take my pills with soda. I was in a hurry....won’t do that again! Otherwise I am doing pretty good. I am already taking foxy twice a day with 600 mg NAC twice a day. Should I increase the NAC to 1200 mg twice a day at some point? My doctor wants to wait until 2/2/18 to start the axithromycin. As of today already I have gained some energy back. For example, before When my alarm would wake me, I would drag for hours trying to wake up. The last two days when the alarm goes off, I am up with only some episodes of fatigue throughout the day. My hands, thumb joints, elbows and upper back still hurt but I am hoping that will get better as I continue. I’m trying to keep a journal! 

Thank you for your feedback and wisdom!


Hey ...

A brief word: congratulations. I say that because this protocol is going to work for you. You take a couple of NACi capsules and you got the classic "NAC flu" reaction. That is like one huge great neon sign proclaiming that you are on the right track.

Rarely could anybody embark on this unconventional journey and not wonder to themselves "Hey, am I doing the right thing here?"

You had your question answered by your runny nose. Happy journey!


“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln<

Hi Trish,

i agree with SG, but, a word to the wise, I was warned that i might start to feel worse again, i did, but you shouldn’t feel disheartened, because you WILL improve, Rica described it as 2 steps forward and one back, and that’s how it goes, always in the right direction!  I don’t take NACi, it really doesn’t like me, but I will! If you can stand it then go to the full doses, as soon as you can!

i’m so pleased it’s all going well!


MSi symptoms from 2001, DXi RRMSi in 2008, following, a change of hospital who sent me for an MRI, precipitated by some sight loss. Took Interferons, on and off. Prescribed  chemo infusions to slow pro

Thank you G. I believe it too.  In 2003 when I took the doxyi for another health issue and my asthmai vanished, I knew something was up.  There was no more convincing evidence to me!  I wish I would have researched it more than I did - I wouldn't be dealing with this joint and muscle pain (4 1/2 years now).  The only way I can describe it - it feels like a constant horid toothache (kind of like a broken tooth that you need a crown for) throughout my hands, arms, and upper back.  I'm down to 10 mg of prednisone and I refuse to increase it so I'm limping through my days with ibuprofin as needed. I've definatey increased my tolerance for pain at this point.  But I know what is going on with me doesn't compare to the battles others face and have faced.  I'm grateful for people like you who shine the light before us newbies.


Thank you Jane - I expect I will.  I thought journaling all of this would remind me to stay focused on my good days.  I'm also grateful to not be walking this alone - or maybe it's better said dancing this 2-1-2 step alone.  I will increase my NACi tomorrow then - just one more 600 mg and see if I can get to 1200 mg twice a day by Feb 1.

Thank you,


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