Searching for a Dr. in DC Metro Area

Submitted by rach on Fri, 2011-06-10 00:13

Hello, I'm new to the site and very glad to have found it. I was actually diagnosed with Cpn back in the late 90s and given a dose of antibiotics. However, I did not get better and over the years tried to resign myself to the symptoms. However, lately I've developed new symptoms and on a renewed search was led to looking at infections and came across the link with Cpn.

I suspect I still have this infection and would be very grateful if someone could send me names of some Drs in the Washington DC metro area, including Northern Virginia and Maryland who might be familiar with treating this.

Thank you!

Watch for private messages. We generally don't post doctor info on the boards. Good luck!

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Mack --- there is a doctor in the DC area?

PPMS-misdiagnosed 2001-diagnosed 2006. Probably caught cpn in birth canal but it didn't pass BBB until my 40s. Minocycline 7 mos.- resulting bronchitis 5 months.Go to private m.d. out-of-plan. Wheldon CAP 3/2/07 Stopped 12/12; resumed 12/13