Is it really necessary to take Roxithromycin half an hour before food or 2 hours after food? Can I just take it with the Mino or Doxy at meal times?

This is true for Rifampin, which I am on, and do it twice a day.  I have never taken Roxy so don't know.  Someone will come, I'm sure.  Did you get directions with it?  Id not, google it.


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I take it 15 minutes before food then have a meal and take doxy. The instruction on my roxi says to take 15 min before food. So I do so. Do according to the instructions on your roxi.

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That sounds much more like instructions for rifampicin.  If the instructions are from a generic producer, they might just be playing on the safe side.  I have only ever taken brand name stuff from Aventis.   Quite honestly I don’t remember what my instructions were but I know I just took both doxy and roxy together and the had something to eat or at least a glass of milk.  I do remember that the first instructions I had for doxycycline told me to avoid milk totally.  It was from an Irish producer, though!.........................Sarah

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I did find some instructions online which said that roxi should be taken 15 minutes before food or 2 hours after.  I've just checked the instructions which come with mine (Aventis brand) and it says "roxithromycin should be preferably taken before meals".  So just before would seem to be best.

And it's fine to take the full dose (150mg x 2) all in one go - no need to split the dose, once you can tolerate it.

I'm taking roxi first thing, but I'm trying the doxy with a meal in the evening at the moment, which seems to be solving the problem of feeling sick all day.  Hope I'll be able to manage it in the morning again eventually though, as it's nice to get it all over in one go!

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