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Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone out there has tryed using a Rife Machine, had any success with it and if so which one did you use?

I just typed "rife machine" into the search box and got many results from here on the site.  You might want to try that while you wait for responses.

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Hi There,

I can only speek of my own experience and I began using a rife machine back in september 2012.

At this stage I was throwing the kitchen sink at my issues so it is hard to say what was working and not working but I do remember very well the big improvement in pain and walking ability I experienced within a few days of stating using it!

I did have some strange reactions using it... with some pre-excisting conditions flaring up for a bit and then going!

Alot of doubh surrounds the use of these machines and I will say like anything that is alternative there are alot of false claims put out there in the use of these machines.

I will say that some of these machines are expensive so I would suggest that if you are thinking about buying one maybe it would be better if you found a practitioner that has one and get a few treatments off them using one.. then you can evaluate the benifit of having one without the outlay of big money.

Now, the only other person I know that used one did experience an improvement in energy but that was all... in saying this, he only used one for 2 treatments.

I also remember reading on line (I have looked again but can't find it) that a branch of the USMC uses a rife machine to aid their muscle recovery.... how true is that?

Anyhow, I hope this helps



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I actually just got one in the mail today coincidentally. I had initially been skeptical but I was recently introduced to someone who had gone from bedridden with Lyme and about to commit suicide to more or less functional and able to exercise normally using only his Rife machine. It took a couple years of using it several times a week to recover. He had been on antibiotics for a couple years prior to that without significant improvement. Now he apparently just has to use the machine once a month or so to prevent relapsing.

Anyway he let me try his machine and I did get quite a strong herx from using it. Combined with his anecdotal report it was enough to make me want to explore a bit further. He had a GB-4000 machine which are around $2000. I did a bit of research and there is a new one that just came out in 2014 that can be had for much less depending on the options, anywhere from $60-$300. The innovation was that they implemented the frequency generation in a free software program that you can run on your Windows computer and so you only need to purchase a relatively inexpensive signal amplifier.

Here's a link to the one I just received: http://www.spooky2.com/


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I just downloaded Spooky2 and the people that right the programs seem like they'reawesome people. Good luck with it and I'll keep in touch to see how everything is going and update you with any progress, still neeed to purchase the accessories.

Thanks Again!!


Very interesting information AND while my brain fog is better I found the information overwhelming.  So I look forward to hearing how the process works for you Rachael and Dylan - and all who test it out. 

It does look exciting to be able to setup and run your own programs.

Best of luck with it all!


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