Restasis? Good or bad?

hello all!


I have a question that I would like to run past all of you on this forum.


As you may or may not know I am already on the NAC and Vitamin D and have had alot of sucess with it ! My rosacea which I was told was "incurable" has completely disappeard from my face.

But I went to my eye doctor and I thot that he would tell me my eyes were normal too, I guess because my face is looking so good, and my eyes have not been paining me...but after examining them he told me I still have little to no oily tear production. 


i was a little discouraged that there was no improvement on this front......  :(


I still have the chronic dry eye, appearetly. He prescribed Restais, but I am hesitant to take it because it "supresses the immunse system" of the eyes...


and if there is anything I have learned from this is that it is better to BOOST the immune system....rather than suppress it....

 But I wanted to get some other opinions and I think this is the best place to get them....

 so I am putting the link for the wiki of the main ingredient in Restasis below....(the other ingredient is caster oil)


I know its alot of heavy medical reading....God knows I barely grasp it..but if anyone has an opinion on this eye drop....please let me know!!!


Eveningdream, I see that it is used systemically for Psoriasis and then concerns about UV exposure are raised etc.    I wonder if improvement might continue over time and is there a immediate need to add this treatment.  Lack of lubrication as I sure you well know can be destructive to the tissue.  And I would imagine you are using nighttime lubricants and daytime lubricants?  And that these are not the most conventient measures but they do work.    On the other hand it is directly applied to the tissues not the entire system such as taking it orally so the amounts and concentration would be much lower. 

It really is a toss up from my point of view and I would be doing the balancing and research as you are doing.   Sometimes it is hard to know which way to go, I sure understand that from personal experiences.  

I would be interested how you work this through over time and will be looking for your follow up post on your decison and your results.  I might try it for a period of time.  Or wait a bit and then give it a trial and re-evaluate the results.

Some of us on abx CAP have some awareness of the various mucous membranes during particularly early days of treatment, so I wonder how much is of the inflamation is caused by persistent intracellular bacteria.   Any small tendencies to eye dryness that I had prior to treatment with CAP seems to have disappeared.    So maybe the D will eventually get to it.

Again, thanks for sharing and let us know how it goes.   Louise


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