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(Some of these pages seem to have been lost in Jim and Kent's time, but gradually I will try to retrieve them or put in something even better.   Sarah)


Research found by site members:

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The pages below on research articles are now reorganized into separate pages for each category. Doing this has been needed for some time, but it is with some trepidation we do this because in some diseases the research is very equivocal and incomplete. While you may be on this site for MS, CFS or FMS, it is the pattern of ALL the research that provides the depth and impressive volume about CPn and how it causes chronic human disease that makes the picture clear. Don't make the mistake of thinking this is some new idea or that it has only a few studies just because it is relatively unknown in one field and the page on your specific disease includes only a couple of studies. This is as significant to human disease as understanding staphylococcus, only we are talking in this case about chlamydia pneumoniae. Information about the germ applies and transfers from one field to the next: the important thing is to understand the pathogen and how it reacts in the body. Of interest you will find the material in the general, chlamydia pneumoniae bacterial research, and the cardiac sections provide a very great depth. Read these sections in addition to the one related to your disease and you will be miles ahead. Of course I recommend reading all of this stuff it is interesting! And hey we can add to this with so much room now so send along anything you think ought to go in.... Marie


General information : read this section for general information on chlamydia pneumoniae

Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia 

Multiple Sclerosis

Alzheimers and CPn Cardiovascular Issues and Chlamydia pneumoniae

Please do read THIS material even if you are here for something other than cardiovascular problems!

Arthritis and Chlamydia pneumoniae

Respiratory Issues and Chlamydia including asthma

CPn and other diseases Lots of interesting stuff here! 

Interstitial cystitis, prostate enlargement...…….check it out, but we seem to have lost the links!

Lab analysis of Chlamydia Pneumoniae This is an important read for everyone

Antibiotic research in CPn This section contains links and abstracts of research on how antibiotics affect CPn in different stages as well as research on how the antibiotics recommended for CAPs penetrate various tissues.

Porphyria and CAPs

Endotoxin Research Of interest to the person in treatment

Chlamydia Pneumoniae Bacterial Research Don't miss this section no matter what you are here for!

Supplements Research and monographs for Natural substances usd in the protocols

Vitamin D Vitamin d is now on its own page

Chlamydia Pneumoniae Miscellaneous related material

Polymicrobial Aspects /Research This section is for the curious and serious investigator and will be of less interest to those who just want to do the treatment. It has become clear that there are some important implications for the person infected with more than one pathogen and that this is common. The combination of one or more pathogens that live and "work" symbiotically may possibly be the key to how people can have something like MS.




Dear Sarah and all,

Posting a link to some ongoing trials in MS which sound interesting. Please have a look. I sent you an email with the link too as earlier was not able to copy and paste. Ongoing trials. Recruitment on. 




I am 76 years old. My daughter-in-law was diagnosed with MS and we are all very keen for her to start this new antibiotic treatment. We hope to be able to do this in the next couple of weeks by finding a doctor willing to deal with any issues like reactions that may crop up. My daughter-in-law is 43 years old.

I have been an active poilitical journalist most of my life and have felt for a long time that there must be a cure out there for MS which the medical community has largely ignored. I am very excited by the Wheldon protocol.