Relation between EBV and MS

Since many on this forum are dealing with MS, I thought this information may be interesting:

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I will check the link later but I just wanted to comment maybe you can tell your dr's if you feel like relaying the info. When i had mono when i was 17, it went away when i finally took antibiotics. Thus it was a bacteria stressing my body's immune system and causing the ebv to turn into mono. I still have the same problem with hhv1 in that i dont have to take valtrex to keep hhv1 in check if im on abx. But anyway, i will read the link forsure , thanks for posting.







clammed_up~   You make the good point that if a pathogen is stressing the immune system, then other pathogens can act up.  

It is interesting to know that in you antibiotics help to keep your herpes viruses in check.  

I will be interested to see if my HSV1 will be better controlled now that I'm on antibiotics.   The amout of acyclovir I was on did not seem to be holding it in check as much as I would have liked.  

Best, Timaca 

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For me it is the same. I had serious herpes issues, that disappeared after starting the antibiotics (can't remember after how many months, but i think below 5). It never reoccurred since then.

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Magnesium has a very important role to play in activation of EBV.

Low magnesium activates NFkB which in turn turns on TGFB1 that sets off EBV activation.

My doctor just sent me these two abstracts:

J Virol. 2011 Apr 20. [Epub ahead of print]
NF-{kappa}B-mediated modulation of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase activity controls induction of the Epstein-Barr productive cycle by transforming growth factor beta 1.
Oussaief L, Ramírez V, Hippocrate A, Arbach H, Cochet C, Proust A, Raphaël M, Khelifa R, Joab I.
UMR 1014 Inserm-Université Paris 11.
Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β1) signal transduction has been implicated in many second-messenger pathways, including NF-κB. We provide evidence of a novel TGF-β1-mediated pathway that lead to ErK 1/2 phosphorylation, which in turn induces expression of a Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) protein, ZEBRA, responsive for the induction of the viral lytic cycle. This pathway includes two unexpected steps, both required to control ErK 1/2 phosphorylation; first, a quick and transient activation of NF-κB, and second down-regulation of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) activity that needs participation of NF-κB activity. Even necessary, NF-κB alone is not sufficient to produce down-regulation of iNOS, suggesting that other uncharacterized event(s) is (are) involved in this pathway. Dissection of the steps involved in the switch of EBV latent to lytic cycle will be important to understand how virus-host relationship modulate the innate immune system.

And here is a link to the second one:

IMHO, I have found no better way to put the lid on viruses than Lauricidin. Many have heard me talk about it here many times. (I have no financial interest in the company.) I have found it to be a very effective antiviral. Cheaper than prescription drugs and much safer. You have to work up to at least 3 to 10 scoops a day of the pellets. Always take it with food.

And if you are dealing with any infection, look into boosting your immune system with Epicor and Transfer Factor. Olive leaf extract is also good.

Remember, magnesium can be depleted by stress, exercise and caffeine. And I would imagine dealing with chronic infections!


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Raven~   Thanks for your input.   I had been taking Mg, mainly to alleviate foot cramps that I think was caused by taking Ca supplements (and not balancing with Mg).   Also I was hoping it would help with my tachycardia.

At my last doctor's appt, my doctor suggested me getting off Mg (I'm guessing due to the fact that he put me on doxy and doesn't want that absorption to be decreased).   So, I'm weaning off the Mg (what I take is taken far apart form any doxy) and will be interested to see how I do.  (I also stopped Ca supplements a long time ago).   I will make sure I eat foods that are higher in Mg.

Lauricidin may be something for me to keep in mind.  The oxymatrine has helped me a lot with Coxsackie B3 and B4, EBV is not currently an issue.  But HSV1 is (and possibly HHV-6) so we'll see what my rifampin and doxy do for me and go from there.

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Hi Timaca,

I can't believe your doctor wants to take you off magnesium with your viral infections.

My doctor told me to try and get my calcium from mostly food instead of taking pills but I do take some calcium with magnesium. I try to get 500 to 600mgs of magnesium a day. Stress, caffiene, alcohol and exercise deplete magnesium.

You can get a spray of magnesium oil. It is not really oil but a suspension of magnesium chloride. Ancient Minerals is one brand. I use it on my feet. Also Epson salt baths will increase your magnesium.

Also. I like Calcium Night by Source Naturals. You take it before you go to sleep. It has 300mgs of Calcium and 300 mgs of magnesium as well as other bone support supplements like K, Boron, Silica.

BTW, I have to tell you that my HHV6 levels went down by half after taking Lauricidin for 4 months. Pretty astounding to see the labs come back because my previous tests had hung at the same level for 3 years before that!

If you look at this abstract, you seriously need magnesium to keep those viral infections in check!



Feeling 98% well-going for 100. Very low test for Cpn. CAP since 8-05 for Cpn/Mycoplasma P.,Lyme, Bartonella, Mold exposure,NAC,BHRT, MethyB12 FIR Sauna. 1-18-11 begin new treatment plan with naturopath

hi, i read it and until i have diagnosis MS and very high EBV markers that essentially indicate an infection in the past and NO EBV markers that indicate recent infection or reactivation, i think, the EBV is ONE cause of my MS!? May that be???

And now, after i read all the lines here once again, i m wondering, cause you write, antibiotics may also help against that EBV-virus ... is that correct or did i get you wrong?




HI Raven~   Since I take doxy twice a day and one should not take calcium rich foods or supplements (or magnesium supplements) around the time of those pills I am more limited in my dairy intake.  So today I drank a large glass of milk at lunch!   And due to the rifampin I have to not eat from 3 to 6 p.m.  (taking the rifampin at 5).   I'm not going to go back on calcium supplements since that is what got me into trouble the first time I took them (when I was on doxy before---I wanted to make sure my calcium intake was OK so I took supplements).   Now I am trying to get my calcium from foods as best I can in the limited time frame I can take them, and see how I do off magnesium (to honor what my doctor wishes).   Time will tell.....

That is cool that the Lauricidin helped you so much!  And did you feel better taking it? 

Daniel~   since you live in Germany I don't know what tests you are talking about to indicate active EBV infection (IgM?).  In the U. S  there is an IgA test that Focus has that states it picks up active, chronic infection.   Whether or not that is true, I have no idea.   That test is :

You can also look here for more info:

I don't think antibiotics help directly against herpes virsues.  My doctor prescribes antiviral drugs for that.  But perhaps what some of us are saying is that if we are also battling a bacterial pathogen, in addition to some viral pathogens, that if we treat the bacterial pathogen the body's immune system may be better able to handle the viruses.  (And I suppose the same could be said for treating the viruses and seeing if the body's immune system can beat back the bacterial pathogen).  

Best, Timaca 

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One more big DOUBT i get about high EBV-blood-levels in my body.

Most people in germany and german forums tell me that this circumstance is NORMAL until quite the whole mankind has that high EBV-blood-levels ... so, there is NO problem and no relation between MS and high EBV-blood-level!


any idea, what this is all about???




There are a lot of people with EBV and no MS. One with MS can get mad not for MS itself but because of all the possible reasons - starting from cpn through EBV(that's to be known to may have been the reason of MS for many years) , heavy metals,... And if he wants to disclose all the reasons and deals with all of them then the body can get mad not knowing what to do... I share the idea if there is a healthy or functional immune system then the immune system can manage all the viruses. And it's known that cpn disable the immune system. I may be wrong, but I don't know about doing so EBV. So if the abx can help to clear the immune system so then everything should be solved. In my childhood I had a lot of issues that are known to be caused by cpn, then later came issues that are caused by viruses. I think this is a question what was the first - a chick or an egg?

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EBV lives mainly in white blood cells, so it suppress our immunity, too...

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  The issue is even deeper then what causes M.S.,  I think.  Many medical issues are still very broad in diagnosis and will change or become amended as will M.S. I am sure as it becomes more accurate.  Cpn is the only pathogen that I have read that matches the oligoclonal bands and also the transfer of infection that occurred in the long term Faroe Island study. 

  As we learn more about the lesions formed in the brain from M.S. it might be found that there are different pathogens or immune system dysfunctions that also cause lessions but not as common and M.S. will be more defined by subsets of M.S. or something like that.  As medicine moves forward I have little doubt that blood testing will have the greatest input in diagnostics as is has started to do already in the past decade or so.

  As for myself I at this point with M.S. have little doubt now that Cpn is playing a major role with my M.S. cause.  I also have other chronic infections but not so sure as what they are doing at this point.  My main focus is with treating Cpn.

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