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This has been a season of triumph and tragedy, with no time for cpn reading or posting, but the grapevine has brought news that there may be some "quitters" in our midst.  That is hard to fathom- - surely we all realize that there is no room for that .  This takes incredible persistence and self-discipline.  I, for one, do not make a good invalid, and would bet that none among us do.

It is now ten years for me and it is less that an hour since I took my morning abx, Doxycycline, Amonicillin, flagyl, and Rifampin.  Tonight it will be those four and 125 mg of Azithromycin.  I still get reaction but nothing even close to the knock-down flat that I experienced for so many, many years.  

In 2004, at the Virginia State Fair goat show, I took my first abx -  Rifampin - adding the next and the next.  I won't recount here since my blogs are my history.  After four years and four months, I stopped everything, thinking I was done.  Boy, was I wrong.  It was almost like beginning again when I started over.  Then, last year in the middle of June, heading for the National goat show in Minnesota, I stopped again, against Dr. Stratton's advice.  Wrong again!  After forty-two days,  on August 1, 2013, seeing some regression (much earlier), I began again and here I am.  I have regained so much feeling and many abilities that I will continue to take my "sturff" till I make it.  Almost daily now there are tiny things - like turning around fast, bending over and reaching or stepping over something without having to plan.  These are things that we never thought about in our previous lives, but with this horror, require detail of thought just to move or step.

Long term abx?  I have never heard af such length, but this is what it has taken.  Quit?  No.


Hi Rica,


While I am not thinking of quitting, I have been a little discouraged lately, as my walking continues to deteriorate.  Your message of persistance and self-discipline was just what I needed to read today.

Thanks so much!




Thanks for that, needed it, just seem to be getting worse also, waiting to turn the corner.  Antis now since Feb, so I would welcome some improvement.

Good luck.