As you may have seen from another post, I have nearly always pulsed with tinidazole but on my last pulse, I used metronidazole that I had brought back with me from Spain 18 months ago. I hadn't bothered to read what was written on the box properly: they were only 250 mg tablets. I had just assumed that they were 500mg.
Anyway, that pulse - even if it was only Arfa pulse - has been and gone. I can't be bothered to import tinidazole anymore so I think it will be metro in future.
I knew that metronidazole comes in different quantities and that there was a significant price difference. I rang the pharmacy that I normally get my private scripts filled at. Yes, here in the UK, 400 mg Metronidazole tablets are the norm and 500 mg tablets are VERY much more expensive. The price is also greatly reduced if I increase the quantity. Two boxes of 21 tablets each was far cheaper per tablet then one single box. So I have requested a prescription for 63 tablets (all for just over £18).
With the amount of stuff that we people have to buy, it is always worth remembering the best way to buy it.