27 Apr 2018
Alexandra Gibbs

Pulsing metronidazole


I'm considering taking my flagyl pulses every other week.  Does anybody have any views about the safety or otherwise of this tactic? Alex


 Alex- It's really impossible to know the answer to this. Part of it depends on your load of Cryptic Cpn, how well your body deals with endotoxin, etc. Question for you: why are you wanting to do it that frequently?

The most frequent version of pulsing is Dr. Powell's, he works towards pulsing every two weeks (ie two weeks in between starts) for five days, but he uses twice a day metronidazolee (500mg each) or tinidazole, rather than three times a day as some do. So more frequent, but slightly lower dosage. 

Eric, one of our members, has taken tini daily for many months. This was the only thing that really turned things around for him. You can find his blog on this somewhere.

I personally would be concerned about potential mutagenic or carcinogenic effects when taken continuously for long periods, but I'd consider a solid run of it at the point where I am fantasizing that my infection is "cured," probably quite a ways off for me. 

On Wheldon/Stratton protocol for Cpn in CFS/FMS since December 2004.

Hi Jim,


I guess that I'm feeling quite comfortable with my existing rota of a pulse every 2 weeks and was wondering whether or not to increase this.  My partner is always very concerned when I say things like this, however.  This is because I once took flagyl for 12 days continuously and some 10 days later my walking totally went.  So I always have to check with others on the protocol when I make amendments to my regime so that he can keep tabs on me!!  Ho hum.  Patience is a virtue.

I think we have to remember what Dr.Stratton said ''there is no shortcut''.And it might take 3 years to cure it.


started abx on 06-06-2004

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I think I shall stick with the 2 weeks off, 1 week on rota.  I might do 7 days rather than 5 on the metronidazole.

 I saw my osteopath today who said my bad right leg "is better".  It certainly feels better.  I'm still not having many spasms at night.  It's my 9th night in a row with no anti-spasm medication and my right leg stiffness is not so persistent.  My left foot burn is also much milder.  In fact I haven't had much foot burn since the New Year.Image removed.