Submitted by supaguy on Fri, 2017-03-31 16:33

In the early hours of last Monday (27th) I started tinidazole pulse 40. A couple of hours ago I took my last tini tab of this pulse ... and I'm still here. Hey, this has been two pulses in the same month! I have found this pulse less irksome than the last. I am weaker than ever but ever hopeful. The weather has been dreadful with torrential rain and blustery winds, so I haven't missed brisk power-walking along the Coastal Path (yeah, if only!).

I do actually believe that for the lucky ones that are going to do well on this treatment, you can see signs within the first year. I am coming up to 4 years now. I only started rifampacin a couple of months ago. I could have tolerated it early on and should have gone for it then.

Anyway, I have yet to book this year's holiday and am pretty sure that I'd be better off out of a wheelchair than in. I intend to be having a serious talk with them legs of mine.

There's a funny thing. People sometimes look at me when I'm out & about in my power wheelchair. I can see them wondering ... what's the matter with me. When I explain that there's bugger all wrong with my legs ... I am just too lazy to walk, I always get a laugh.



Hi Guy, You made me laugh. I have a committe meeting later. I will ask if people know good places abroad with a chair. I know lots go on cruises as they are accommodating. X