Pulse #34

Submitted by supaguy on Wed, 2016-09-21 22:28

Hi All!

I haven't posted and I haven't posted an a fair while. I wasn't very well throughout August and I'm still trying to recover now.

I'm at least three weeks late in pulsing and have become even more lax at posting. I'm due to go away on holiday in just over a week's time, so am keen to be a bit more well by then. Anyway, I started a pulse earlier on today and I had my second tini tab of this pulse a couple of hours ago.

I have a few tasks in hand which I have been neglecting due to lack of energy, but I will post a piece from a SupaGuy perspective in the coming days.

I have not been out of the house for the last 11 days - and even then it was only a visit to the hospital - but im due out on Friday night to meet up with Moggie and many of the Oxygen crowd for an evening meal. God, when I think about it, I haven't dived for months. It'll be good to be in good company. I will be half way through this pulse, so I won't be drinking. Hopefully, by the following week, I will have shaken off my lethargy and inverted sleep pattern and be ready to zoom along the Costa Del Sol.

Will post again soon,



I was going to wish you cooler weather to help you feel better, but you're heading to a warmer climate still.  So, I'll wish you an easy, productive pulse, instead. Cool

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SG, you seem to have picked a good week for going away: this week a friend has her Costa living parents-in-law stayng and they were complaining about their weather being rather chilly.  Next week you might find it a bit hot though, so beware!

Have a pleasant evening on Friday though, with Moggie and the crowd.....................Sarah Smile

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Ah good to hear from you SG - I was wondering how you were. 

Sorry to hear you have had a rough patch... hopefully you will feel better next week and will have a fabulous holiday.

All the best.


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