Pulse #33

Submitted by supaguy on Sun, 2016-07-31 18:21

Pulse #33 here we go ...

Yes, I am rather late this time but then I have had very little energy; rather like a wet rag.

I have been rather depleted lately, so I haven't even logged on for a while. Having just started a pulse, it was necessary for me to log on in order to post. I went out into Swansea yesterday but today I am back to just basically doing almost nothing.  Here in the UK, the popular and universal get-out seems to be Brexit; I don't think I'll be blaming my lack of energy on that.  Hopefully, in a week's time I'll be singing from the tree tops.



I'm going to worry incessantly until you report in and say you are NOT in any treetop. (Have a good pulse!)

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In July and August just about the only bird you hear singing from the treetops is the chaffinch, but on the rooftops there are collared doves and woodpigeons, so which one are you?  The chaffinch is definately the most tuneful............................Sarah

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I'll be listening out for that singing. It's bound to sound good, seeing as it's coming from Wales x

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Sorry you have been having a flat patch SG

Hopefully you will soon be your usual Super self again :)

Waiting for the music...

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