Hi all!

I have prostatitis & need to keep an eye on it. I am relatively young at 44 to have these issues. i have seen that CPN increases the incidence of both prostatitis & prostate cancer. 

I have been on the CAP for 3 years & it is during this time that the prostatitis has become worse. 

Does anyone have any success stories here? (if you are female feel free to chip in! I will happily take any advice :-))

Thanks in advance!



I have been suffering from a combination of prostatis and ic for 2 years. Only using herbs and some supplements now. They are useful to some extent so far , not a great accomplishment. Trying to live with this thing.

So I am interested on the topic too. CAPs, adjuncts, herbs whatever it works.

What are your symptoms?

For enlarged prostate I heard saw palmetto is useful. I do not know anything about elevated psa. A  suggestion for night time urination. Try a small amount of vistaril before sleep. It is used for frequent urination in IC.

I hope you find something useful for you.

Take care.

Hi Mark,

did you have prostate massage and the prostate liquid cultured? There are many bacteria which can cause chronic prostatitis, not just Chlamydia. But most often (90%) no bacteria can be found and they say "abacterial" prostatitis. But be aware not to take flurochinolone antibiotics like ciprofloxacin or levofloxacin, which urologist normally prescribe, because they can have horrible side effects.