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Hi folks.  I'm readying to do my first Tini pulse. I noted that Dr. Stratton said some people try just one dose for the very first time and wait a week or so to see what level of reaction they can expect, rather than going with the full 5 day pulse the first time. Does anyone advocate that cautious approach?  How long after trying the single does would I wait before embarking on a full 5-day Tini pulse? (Thinking of the gentler option only because I ended up in hospital 2 years ago after being on Rifabutin for 1 week due to severe white blood cell count crash, although from what I've read the Tinidazole should not be quite as drastic!) 

Hi Len

This is exciting.  Years ago, after many pulses of flagyl, I did three of tini.  As far as I could tell, it had absolutely no effect on me - of any kind.  The other side of that is that my very first pulse was the full five days, fifteen pills, of flagyl.  Never again after that.  I realize now that it was just doing its job.  After fifty-four flagyl pulses, I went on two pills a day of flagyl (in addition to Rifampin, Doxy, Azith, and Amoxicillin).


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Len, I can't help you on the tini itself; I started with full 5-day pulses of flagyl and never changed it.

 There's nothing wrong with starting out cautiously, though. You're going to be at this a good long while, so there's no need to debilitate yourself in order to heal.

 Proceed cautiously and deliberately. Try one pill ((or maybe even one pill a day), give it two or three weeks, then ramp up your dosages incrementally.

The only thing flagyl did to me was make me sleep a lot.  After a couple of years, I noticed flagyl started making me a bit cranky on the third day into a pulse, too.  So, maybe you won't get much of a reaction at all.  Won't know til you try.  Good luck!!!

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I started out my first flagyl pulse with a half dose for two days.  Once I was satisfied that I wasn't going to be violently ill, I went to the full dosage for the final three days.  I was cautious like you are.  I started charcoal and chlorella on the first day of the pulse and, based on my later pulses when I became less cautious, I think the moppers might have done more good than I realized at the time.

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Thank you all for your sage advice!  I'm ready to move on to the third piece of the treatment, that is, the bactericidial piece of the puzzle, and am choosing Tinidazole only because I heard it may be a little easier than Flagyl.  And since Charcoal seemed to work so magically when I had my (only) die-off so far from the 2nd Doxy dose (miracle!), I am counting on it to enable me to continue working. 


Thank goodness for all you wonderful people.  I would never had even known I might have Cpn (tested negative), let alone have known how to treat it without this site. Then it took me 2 full years to find a doctor willing to try the CAP for me but I'm cautiously optimistic that I'm on the right track.  Will post an update after the first pulse.  Here goes nothing!


Regards, Len

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