27 Apr 2018



I've read several posts on Porphyria, including the interview with Dr. Stratton (I think is who it was).  I'm still left wondering what I can do to combat porphyria as I definitely have it going on and it's something I want to deal with.As far as I know, the only thing that can be done is the following...


Marj- One way to track back to posts you have made (which might help you find the comments others made to you) is go to your 'my account' page and click on the tab that says "track." this will get a list of all the threads you have commented on. Same for finding threads posted by another member. Just click on their name anywhere on the site. That takes you to their member page and you can click track from there.

A very old post.   Interesting discussion.  Just know that the early folks will not likely answer any questions asked 7 years later.     Louise

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old posts, nevertheless ...very interesting info which I'm finding to be helpful

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Doing Thibault protocol (NAC/mino/roxi/tini/nattokinase)...but considering morphing to Stratton protocol