polymyalgia rheumatica

Submitted by luckypenny on Thu, 2015-08-13 09:57

Thinking this can have a bacterial cause as well - anyone know?

Yes, luckypenny.....my Mom's rheumatologist gave her pamphets about this and several other related illnesses/diseases which often go along with RA...From what I understand , ALL of the rheumatoid related illnesses do have a probable mycoplasma link as the root cause...so do many of the other autoimmune diseases.


The idea that the villain is mycoplasma seems to mostly come from Thomas McPherson Brown, MD, who treated a lot of rheumatoid arthritis with antibiotics.  He was working before modern DNA techniques for identifying germs became available, so it's uncertain whether he was really dealing mostly with mycoplasma.  He was also more a doctor than a researcher, spending his energy mostly on treating people rather than on figuring out things.  Mycoplasma are a decent suspect, but what he was treating could easily have been something else.  (Unless someone since then has done a good DNA study, in which case I'd appreciate a pointer.)