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This page is a receptacle for research into polymicrobial infections or in other words, infections of more than one germ (a germ is a virus or a bacteria) of any combination. This is going to be most interesting to the serious investigator, but it may answer the question of how it can be that a common pathogen can cause an uncommon illness-Certain strains of germs interact with and often are seen with certain others causing a sinister reaction. Some of these papers are about other illnesses (HIV has a tremendous amount of research in this arena) but the principles are the same.

David Whldon's page on HHV6 and CPn Investigators frequently point ot human herpes 6 as the possible cause of MS as it is found often in MS brains. Dr Wheldon has addressed this on this page.

Link Out to page HIV, HHV6A and sinister interaction This paper is about how a very particular strain of humn herpes 6-the A strain causes severe consequences for the HIV infected person. It appears these two pathgens together are symbiotic. This strain of the otherwise ubiquitous HHV6 is relatively rare, but in 100% of HIV infected persons.