Podcast on Cpn by Two of the Major Chlamydial Researchers

A very good podcast on Chlamydias by two of the top researchers in the area, Elizabeth Stuart and Wilmore Webley at UMass. They discuss the relationship to cardiac disease, some relationship of Chlam T to cervical cancer, and both Chlam T and Cpn to asthma in children. 70% of pediatric asthma patients they tested have Chlamydia, with sexually transmitted version and respiratory version (Cpn) at about 50-50. Very important work.



Thanks, Jim!

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Don't these universities talk to each other?  (VU and UM)

I suppose this is such a vast subject that they can't possibly understand all the implications but I feel quite perturbed by the fact that they only associate Cpn with asthma... Maybe it is  just to make it simple for the podcast  and they realise that Cpn behaves in the body in the same way as Ct.

Do they know about us I wonder....

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Michele- The pediatric asthma is thier area of particular research, just as VU is researching Cpn and MS. These folks are molecular biologists doing quite stellar work, and the refer to some of the other associations of Chlamydia and disease. We also have to remember that VU has not had an active Chlamydia lab for some time, and until that gets going and publishing takes place-- years off-- Stratton's research remains virtually unknown in the field. I do know that he has corresponded with Stewart about her research finding Cpn in donar blood.


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I thought what WW said at 5:08 was really interesting. He said of (both types of) Chlamydia that "its an ascending infection. It goes up, consistently".

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This is so very interesting, all three of my children are on inhalers for asthma, they are 15, 17 and 18. Every bit of attention CPN gets is great if children and teens with asthma were treated with a abx protocol there would be that many fewer getting to the point where we all are needing to fight this battle. This opens new doors for early diagnosis.

Ahhhhhh Michele ............

Near the very tail end of the thing they talk about their "invention" that they will be testing in trials.  Sad to say, it's a competitive field and the world is not set up in a cooperative fashion.  I recently spewed into a giant tangent over how the cure for polio won't ever happen again at TIMS.  We cured polio in part because we eliminated compitition and made everyone work together.  We also had WAY lax rules compared to todays scientific environment.

If you're not a careful listener, you might confuse the two kinds of clamydia - just exactly how did these little kids get it?

The association with heart disease is not new.  I've been reading articles about it last month and this month.  The interesting thing is that the heart research, in places, does speculate about CPn bringing about, no, being associated with an autoimmune effect.  Just think of that.  I'll have a bunch of links up about this on TIMS later this month to go along with the ones about MMP-9 I posted last month.


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Jim,  Thanks so much for posting this.  Hopefully, separate points of attention to Chlamydia infection in widespread areas of health will continue to emerge until the true nature of the problem registers in the public consciousness.  That is what's needed for the large-scale advances in research, understanding, and broadly practiced meaningful treatment that we all want.

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Fascinating! This is a great find Jim. Really appreciate you sharing it with us. I am wondering about one point they made. Since they believe the babies are infected during birth in the birth canal. (the C-section babies were tested not infected) They mentioned it would be effective to treat the mother before she gives birth. But isn't that impossible? Don't they realize what it takes? I mean these moms can't do a protocol like we are on. It would be more likely they would have to treat her before she became pregnant wouldn't it? But of course that is not a likely scenario. So I wonder if it means doing C-section deliveries will become necessary for these infected mothers for the health of their babies.

Although the main focus was on Chlamydia, the sexual transmittent type, what I found most interesting was they are aware & referred to finding Cpn in patients causing disease. That both types can spread to other parts of the body undetected while seemingly silently multiplying for long periods of time. That they agree these bugs are smart enough to know when to go stealth or to be active according to what is taking place in their host's body. They know when it is safe to come out! Image removed. This concept is still fairly new to me and admittedly freaks me out!

It really is ashame that the microbiologist that share this knowledge can't work together. Hopefully they are reading about each others work at least.

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   I spent some time thinking about this as I am sure everyone else here has done.  It is so elusive and hard to say by a medical professional that you have it with problems or you do not.  I know here in the US the legal aspect comes into play as well as the AMA and many doctors just do not want to take the chance unless they have to of dealing with it.  Making a problem well known that is not yet understood well and no easy fix is not comfortable with most, no one wants to start a panic.


   Two big factors that will surely speed this up is that it is contagious, I can get it?, and it is most likely heavily involved with children, few officials will slow down research that is likely hurting kids.


  I am very thankful I found a problem that might be the answer, looked a long time and so far this fits.

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I did not quite understand the part at the end referring to treatment approaches. Is it right that they said "steroids" (?!) could bring Cpn out of the stealth mode?




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Yes I heard it like that,but english is not my first language. . And I was thinking that it must be cryptic form that goes back to RB form because of steroids.

There was a post here in forum that a study with mice(i think) showed that streroids reactivate cpn infection, not sure i remember correctly.

Best wishes,Maria

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This is all quite interesting and equally frustrating. If I accurately understand what the good Dr's are saying, you can get this from "both ends." I imagined that I had been infected from a sneeze on a bus some cold day, but if most people are infected by the age of 20, what chance is there in irradicating this bacteria? I can see that it is seriously imperative that we stay on the NAC to disallow further reinfection. If we all have this bacteria, how can we beat these diseases in ourselves and our children? There isn't enough drugs in the world to combat the level of infection that the population could have. Dang!

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That's why a vaccine is key to eradicating it, Todybear. But, while we wait for that day (for future generations), we'll just have to kill it off within each of ourselves. Might as well buy stock in one of the NAC producers!

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi