Plodding on

Submitted by Michèle on Mon, 2007-02-26 08:38

Pulse update:

Michele: pulse 14 went well, some relief from IBS pain during pulse, feet felt practically normal, two nights in a row with 7 hours sleep. Post pulse very painful IBS cramps and upset tummy, taking extra acidophillus and anti fungals, gradually improving. Strange things is that when there is little pain in my gut my feet feel much better too...

Ella: no new pulse since the last one she did at the end of January, her fall out went on for three weeks or so and she has not fully recovered from that. Her hands which had deteriorated previously are gradually recovering at the same time as her strength and balance went from her legs. There could have been an element of vertigo but mostly we feel it was ataxia that was the main reason for her falls, as there was no giddiness. She tells me that she is walking better, but still can't go shopping as her legs get tired quickly.  The other symptoms that came on after the pulse, the numbness, the skin soreness and the shakiness seem better now.

Now is the month of plodding,

The Springish months are prodding,

Fa la la la la la la la la,

Fa la la la la la la,

The weary winter blues,

Through which you'd love to snooze,

Fa la la la la, Fa la la la la la la la la la la la.

The month of Maying is just around the corner...I know you'll both feel better when the weather is no longer dreary.  Do some barefoot walking on that greenie grass for me when that happy time comes.  Keep the faith, dear friend,

Joyce~caregiver-advocate in Dallas for Steve J (SPMS) / Cpn indicated by reactions; Mpn, EBV, CMV positive; elevated heavy metals; gluten+casein sensitive / Wheldon CAP since Aug. '06 - doxycycline+azithromycin+flagyl pulses; antivirals; chelation; LDN.

Joyce~caregiver-advocate in Dallas for Steve J (SPMS).  CAP since August 06, Cpn, Mpn, B. burgdorferi, systemic candidiasis, EBV, CMV & other herpes family viral infections, elevated heavy metals, gluten+casein sensitivity.