Plaquenil and Porphyria

Has anyone actually used small doses of Plaquenil ( Hydroxychloroquine ) to help

reduce Porphyria symptoms, as Dr Stratton suggests?

I started to take it and added it to WP a few days ago but not to reduce the porfiric symptoms but because of the Arthritidis. Plaquenil should treat Arthritidis. In the drug instructions there is written that Plaquenil can cause the porfyria. So I don't know how it is. It reduces porfyria symptoms or may it cause porfyria?

MS for more than 30 years, WP since July 08, break Jan 09-March 09. NAC 2x600mg, Doxy 2x100mg, Roxi 2x150mg, Entizol in pulzes, LDN, supplements.Since May 2013 without abx.