Pineal Gland Calcilfication and MS

Submitted by Irene4k on Sun, 2016-06-05 10:28

I'm celebrating 2 years of CAP, 50 Tinidazole pulses, and increasing health and wellbeing, and I periodically contribute to this site when I find something new and helpful.

Recently I've been doing a heavy metal detox whilst replacing the loss of vital good minerals (zinc, selenium, magnesium etc) with the help of hair analysis.  What I didn't realise was that routine hair analysis doesn't screen for iodine deficiency.  I mistakenly thought that I was safe as I've been on kelp for years.  Wrong!

There is a very strong link with MS and low levels of Melatonin, low daylight hours in the northern hemisphere, which has previously been linked with vitamin D only. My personal experience and emerging research are indicating that daylight's action on the Pineal Gland (particularly a damaged Pineal Gland) is crucial in producing Melatonin and a normal regulation of the inflammatory response.  "Thus, the strikingly high prevalence of Pineal Calcification in MS provides indirect support for an association between MS and abnormalities of the pineal gland. Moreover, since pineal melatonin is involved in neuroimmunomodulation, we propose, for the first time, that abnormalities of pineal melatonin functions are implicated in the pathophysiology of the disease"

I researched the role of Iodine deficiency (I have this severely) and found that it allows other halogens (like Chlorine, Fluorine and Bromine) to bind to iodine sites.  Diseased Pineal Glands show calcification in the absence of sufficient iodine, hence low Melatonin production. 

Here is a quick self test for iodine deficiency.  Use Lugol's iodine to paint a square 2.5 cm inside your wrist so that the area is stained orange. If your iodine level is normal then this colouring should only diminish by 10% over 24 hours.  In iodine deficiency the colouring will fade so that there is little left after 24 hours. 

I have this month started replacing iodine at 50mg X 3 daily (do your own research here) and it has dislodged not only halogens into my system, but another dose of heavy metals (yuk) which I am having to chelate. On the upside I feel so much better in terms of heat and energy production.


Hi Irene,

I am very happy to hear how well you are doing!

Very interesting about iodine. I first learned about the iodine connection from reading Terry Wahls book.

Thanks for the reminder to keep on top of iodine levels!