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Hi there,

Before I started CAP I was going to physiotherapy 3 times a week and got by pretty well with my cane....

Once I started NAC I became too weak to go to physio and now use a walker for short distances and a wheel chair for everything else.  I have now found a physiotherapist who makes home visits and she is coming today to do an assessment.

I live in denial about how I am deteriorating and I am sure she will make me face this. so I am not looking forward to her visit.  On the other hand, maybe just maybe, she can help strengthen some muscles or bring back some flexibility to the spastic ones...

Wish me luck!

Definitely wishing you loads of luck with this! I found that physiotherapy helped loads, and I don't know how I would have walked again without it. I had got into bad habits with trying to walk as things deteriorated and my brain had forgotten what to do it properly. I don't think physio speeded up improvement at all, but it definitely enabled it when my body was ready!

I've been walking about 8 miles a day this week on holiday - and appreciating every moment! Never stop hoping! x

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Hi there,

My physiotherapy home visit was quite positive.  As she worked my stiff muscles she was able to improve my range of motion and she was very optomistic that with work the improvements could be sustained.Image removed.

 As for improving my strength she was cautiously optomistic that some improvements might be possible and she has given me some exercises to work on.

Unfortunately after the range of motion and strengthening work I was too tired to do any balance work.  Hopefully we will start with that next week.

The appointment lasted just over an hour and I was TOTALLY exhausted afterwards!  I have a very long way to go...

Hey Healthy Girl …

You know that I will always wish any CAPer well.  I especially wish you well … as we started this at a similar time and I see us as siblings in sync.

At the end of last year, I started having hydrotherapy.  It did me good and started to reverse my declining strength.  The NHS only gives out a handful plus of sessions to us Brits as it’s very expensive.  My improvement has reversed now and I am even experiencing weakness in my upper body and arms.  I was heartened to learn of your physiotherapy.  I knew it would work for you and will certainly contain and even reverse the decline.

I cheer any improvements that you make, not just out of altruism, but out of self-interest. If you can make improvements, then so can I and so can the rest of us.  I really wish you wellness with all my heart.

Go girl … go get well!

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I wish you the very best HG.  Please let us know how you are going and keep us informed how the physio goes for you.


Just a tip concerning balance.

This may seem too simple to be true, but they tried this in Denmark a few years back to improve balance in elderly.

This was a home for elderly persons not being able to live at home any more. Many because of reduced balance. Many ended up in wheel chairs because their balance was too poor. They didn't really need the wheel chair because their feet wasn't strong enough - but of course sitting all day didn't improve their strength.

I believe this was a study done by physiotherapists and/or doctors.

What they did was that they divided the personell into two groups. One was the "turn the patient to the right"-group, the other was the "turn the patient to the left"-group.

When a "right" personell walked past one of the patients in i wheel chair, this person was to turn the patient in his/her wheel chair to the right 360 degrees. Not a big circle, just turn the chair around it's own axis.

When a "left" personell walked past one of these patients, he or she would do the same, but to the left.

After only two weeks some of the patients had so improved balance that they could start walking again!

At home you can sit on an "office chair" or stress less that turns around, and turn yourself around. Do not turn so many times in a row that you get dizzy, one or two times in one direction and than on or two times the other direction. Repeat several times every day.

You can also, if you have the strengt go around for example a tree, with one hand on the tree, go around it a few times, then the other way.

You kan also use a non-moving chair (or something like it) and walk around it when at home. If your balance is really poor, make sure what you hold on to is stable, not moving.

I have seen this work with many who have had poor balance, so it is worth a try! :-)