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If you have a story about your own treatment for Cpn, create a story under Create Content and submit it. We'll review it and link it here it appropriate. Please include your primary diagnosis, what kind of protocol(s) you've been on, how long, your reactions to medications used, and whatever you've discovered to handle these and otherwise improve your condition. Remission of MS through Cpn treatment by Wheldon Protocol< story 3<


on Wed, 2005-08-24 05:54

this was the first submission

today is 11.6.2017 03:21 twelve years ...

I was then absolutly at the bottom of my life... 

On CAPs:12/01/2005 till March 2013; 20 years CFSi,IBSi, fibromyalgiai; about 10 years chronic sinusitis, laryngotracheitis, from 2002 hoarseness; from 2003 - v.s. lumbosacral meningoradiculitis, hypertension">i... 

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