Submitted by Jim K on Wed, 2006-06-07 23:31

This former patient of Dr. Powell asked me to post this story for her. (Jim K) I first learned of Dr. Powell in the summer of 2003.  Suffering with chronic neck and back pain most of my life, I tried physical therapy, relaxation techniques, weekly massage and exercise…but could never manage the pain.The numerous doctors I saw over the years could never find anything wrong so they just gave me pills and sent me on my way.  By the time I found Dr. Powell, I felt like my body had become toxic with drugs.  Everyday, in order to function, I took the following: ∑ For pain: 90mg of Methadone in addition to 8-12 tabs of Norco ∑ For brain function (and to keep me awake): Ritalin and Provigil∑ For depression: Wellbutrin (also helped keep me alert) and Effexor∑ For sinus/allergy issues: Pseudoephedrine and Allegra∑ For sleep: Pamelor among others…My pain level was 10/10 without narcotics and 2/10 with; energy 3/10; brain function 3/10 (serious fibro-fog); and my stress was 9/10.  I was working full time and deteriorating fast!One of the first things Dr. Powell had me start was T3 (while carefully monitoring temperature and heart rate daily).  Within 3 weeks I started getting my energy back and I felt like a new woman!  My pain even started to subside.  He warned me this would happen and my inclination would be to over-do it.  But I ignored that.  I felt so great I seemingly tried to catch up on years of reduced performance.  Then I crashed.After cycling through that pattern 3-4 times (slow learner…) I finally gave up and listened to Dr. Powell.  The missing piece was changing my behaviors, which had led to years of accumulated stress.  I was a People-Pleaser, Performance Maniac, Care-Taker (of everyone but myself) and Perfectionist - and I had to change.This was undoubtedly the most difficult, but the MOST beneficial part of the protocol for me.  Through the use of Voice Dialogue, personal therapy, journaling and a lot of emotion (what was THAT?)… I slowly started to change.  I stepped out of denial regarding the behaviors that had so depleted me (people-pleasing, over-working, care-taking…) and surrounded myself with people who would support the changes I needed to make.  I cannot underestimate the determination it took to accomplish this – but it was 1000% worth every challenging minute!About a year into my treatment, in his scientist/researcher role, Dr. Powell discovered the important relationship bacteria plays in FM, and encouraged me to begin an antibiotic treatment.  I have to admit I was reluctant because I was feeling SO much better than before…and I’d heard the antibiotics could make me feel worse – before I felt better, due to the bacteria dying off.  I debated the issue for 3-4 months and then decided I should just go for it and see if this could take me the rest of the way to healing.  I really didn’t believe I could feel any better, but my improvement was exponential!  I had been sick for so long I had no idea what being well really felt like.  And, by carefully following Dr. Powell’s recommendations for minimizing the effects of the die-off process, I found the treatment wasn’t nearly as bad as I had feared.Other than a small amount of Wellbutrin and some seasonal allergy meds, which I am almost free of, I no longer take ANY of the drugs listed above!  More importantly I have no pain.  My brain works, my energy is full and I am excited about life.  What is most wonderful is the joy I now experience in my relationships.  There was a long period when I was afraid I would never be able to really enjoy life again.  Now, my job is just that…a job.  I don’t take it home with me or even try to win the kudos I used to long for.  Instead, my satisfaction comes from spending time with my family and taking care of myself.  I’ll never forget the birthday party my husband gave me when he made a toast “to having his wife back”.  In my new life I enjoy playing with my dogs, kayaking with my husband, taking art classes at the local college and exercising regularly so I can go skydiving and surfing with my son on his 21st (and my 50th) birthday.  That will be in early 2008 and I have no doubt I’ll be ready!I used to scoff at books that talked about reversing Fibromyalgia, but now I am living proof it can happen.  I wholeheartedly trust Dr. Powell and his (often evolving) protocol not only because of the success I’ve experienced, but because I know he is one of a rare few doctors who still practice medicine for the sole purpose of seeing lives restored.  I hope you find the same.Pamela McClanahan