27 Apr 2018

Our dog has a cancer


Hi to all friends,I am sad, cause our dog has a cancer in her nose, so do you think guys, I should give her vitamin D? If so, what should be the dose? I found that "A toxic dose of Vitamin D is 2272 IU per pound of consumed dry dog food." (http://www.ehow.com/about_5057515_vitamin-requirements-dogs.html)Do you think this value is true or not? Our dog is an old labrador... 10 years old with weight about 35kg.Perhaps it is too late to give it her or there is some chance to stop spreading disease..? 


LaLa, So sorry to hear about your dog. Animals are so special and we become so attached to them. I am not sure about using vitamin D3 on a animal or what would be the correct dose. Maybe look for information online.

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Hi, Lala,   I am so sorry to hear your dog has cancer.... I don't know about the vitamin D but just wanted you to know I understand....My pets are my children.....

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Lala, if you know what the presumed toxic dose of D3 if for dogs, give her slightly less.  It will either work or do nothing.  Even old dogs deserve the attempt...............Sarah A Journey through Light and Shadow

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Yes, the problem is I found a lot of different information about the dose. I have read some blog about dog cancer, where they give 2000 iu twice daily to much smaller dog. Then I found another source claiming this is toxic dose, so of course I do not want to kill her before cancer will. Most of the sources recommend just to put animal in the sunshine, which is very stupid to tell someone who lives at our latitude. I have vitamin D in dry capsules from Swanson and I do not know, if it is appropriate for dog. So I must investigate further and ask vet, what is suitable. I think vitamin D in drops should not be problem. In any case thank you..

Stratton/Wheldon protocol 02/2006 - 10/11 for CFS and many problems 30 years