27 Apr 2018

Online antibiotics


Hi everyone!My name is Roland. I am suffering from asthma since 2016. This site helped me so much. I started the abx protocol 6 months ago. I felt so much improvement after the 6 months. Meantime my doctor stopped to prescribe me antibiotics. Becsuse he thought i am already cured and he didnt know about cpn too much. And after 3 weeks i started to be sicker and sicker. Im from Hungary and here not too easy to get abx. Almoust imposible. I looked for online pharmacy but those i found dont deliver to Hungary! Can anybody help me where or how can i get antibiotics? Thanks for your answer.


Perhaps people can recommend where antibiotics are available 'over the counter', if you're able to travel.

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Thank you for your answer  MacKintosh. It depends on how far should i travel. But i admit it would be better to order it in the EU with delivery.

Roli, I did send you a private message..........Sarah 

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Hi!My carer was recently on holiday with her brother in Spain. He came down badly with cellulitis. His wife attempted to buy antibiotics in the local pharmacy there but was turned down because he didn't have a prescription. I was very surprised at that because I had previously had no trouble whatever buying prescription medications in Spain. Last autumn, I was in Madeira and I didn't really have any trouble purchasing rifampicin (I was just given a prescription to cover it).It seems everywhere in Europe is tightening up. Even in Eastern Europe where it used to be far more lax, they have tightened up too (unless you are on good terms with the pharmacist assistant). The strictest areas of all by far, are the Scandinavian countries, especially Norway.I recently placed an order for biotin from America. They will ship to all of the European countries but not Norway (where presumably Customs will just seize the goods).If Sarah has already sent you a private message detailing where you can purchase from abroad then I suggest that you follow that route. I used to purchase from a company abroad but Interpol have made things so tight for them that they are having to use Bitcoin and Orbit in order to complete the purchase.It is very possible to buy antibiotics online even in the UK (and quite legally too). I am not going to go into detail here on the open forum.If you have any problems obtaining your meds then please post again and I am sure that we can resolve your problem.G

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Indeed Supaguy, it is not as easy as it used to be with the antibiotics in Spain. There are still a few tricks though:- Go to Urgencies from a Primary Center. Wish to have a bit of luck and get the friendly GP. If you do, and there is not too many people waiting (better on weekend) you will have time to explain him/her the full story. If at this point, he/she is still listening, the GP will give you a prescription and maybe even a smile. ;)- Go to the pharmacy. If you do not mind lying a bit for the cause, you will need to explain them you forgot your antibiotics and you need to finish the treatment. Maybe they will sell it to you. If not, try the next pharmacy. (At one point I felt as a drug addict trying to get heroin).It took a while to me to find a nice GP. Now with the prescription, it became so easy to get them. Anyway, I started buying them online. Doxy's came with a beautiful Sanskrit on the back. I assumed they were coming from India. :D 


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Thanks...I'm looking for an online pharmacy that does not require Rx prescription - could you please reply with the link/contact info?



I'm interested in the antibiotics protocol.

If you know a provider who will prescribe Rx, please post their Name, City and Contact Info.



Hello, I have the same problem with no doctor wanting to treat me with doxycycline anymore, even though it improved my physical symptoms so well! I have MS and can't use my hands well anymore, which is really sad because I'm very artistic. When I'm on doxycycline my hands work very well amazingly! And my breathing problems disappear. So I'm looking in to the possibility of buying some medications online, if anyone have some safe options please feel free to send me a private message.