One Year CAP completed

Submitted by luckypenny on Sun, 2015-07-19 07:49

Hello, just looking to make sure I am doing right..I've done a year on CAP, but still short five - 5 day pulses.

I believe I need to have a year's worth (12 ) pulses. Would I go off doxy and azithro and just continue to pulse? Or stay on all until totally done?

The Live blood cell lady isn't seeing bacteria.....

Thanks for advice!

Hi Luckypenny!

I hope that you're doing fine? Actually, your post doesn’t really say how you're doing; I'm not familiar with what your issues are at all. From my perspective, for me to offer any valuable opinion, I'd have to know quite a bit more.

You imply that you have never done any five day pulses but you haven't said why. What happens when you pulse and how many days do you actually pulse for? I presume you pulse with Metro?

I started this CAP game back in MAY 2013 (and no I am not well yet). In the Catalyst video, Dr Wheldon refers to being antibiotics for "At least a year". I think many people re-interpret that as being on antibiotics "For a year".  Of course that was not what was said.

It may be that you I now ready to ease off the antibiotics already; that being the case: well done that girl.

You mention "The Live blood cell lady". I don't know who that is or what she does. Is it that she test blood for Chlamydia pneumoniae? If so, what tests is she using? In my case, I have never been tested for CPn infection - I just bit the bullet and started treating empirically; after all, there was nothing else on offer for me. One of the main reasons at the time that I didn't delay and go for test before starting treatment was that I believed that many existing tests were notoriously unreliable.

Anyway, hopefully I will be able to make a more useful comment once I've heard back from you. Either way, good luck, Luckypenny!



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Congrats on your one-year anniversary.

You stay on your two regular meds and you take your metronidazole or tinidazole for five days out of every month (in addition to the the first two).   That's the protocol.

When you move to the intermittent stage, you are STILL doing it the same way, except you will be taking the abx for a few weeks (pulsing metro a few days right in the middle), then be off all three of them for a couple of months, then be on all the abx for a couple of weeks (again pulsing metro right in the middle of that), then be off all three of them for a few months...  repeat as needed.

The protocol is at least a year on full doses of all three meds.  Instead of 'how soon can I get off these meds', you should be weighing 'how well am I now and could the meds continue to help me get more well'.

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Thank you, you two! I will write tomorrow again ~ I have done some pulses but will go over and check them so I can tell you what I have done up till now. The live blood cell ( darkfield I think it is called ) looks at your cells from a drop of blood and can see parasites/bacteria etc. I am also full of metals but in my bones we think as it doesn't show in the blood. Tomorrow.....Thanks again!


ood  luck LP.  I was wondering how u were going.

Just ignore my typing, it is actually the lap-top that erases my first letters of a sentence.  (I am tempted to throw it out the window!!



Congratulations,  good job hope you're doing great. 

As someone who's fresh in here and ( not quite really)  beginning the protocol (2nd pulse, (1&2 days with Metro)) it  be more than informative  to get more details as  " G" already  mentioned.

 Thank you,

Thank you all,

I have CPN, + Lyme + Heavy metals, so it has been a challenge, to say the least, trying to address all three. They all feed off of each other. I do have a new and wonderful naturopath now who is also helping with homeopathics.

Since starting CPN my twitching is alot less as is the joint pain mostly. And, I am less tired, brain clearer thank God. I was starting to spell words funny and say words when I meant other words.

The heavy metals have not been pulling out as thought - waaaay too slow, but I am thinking it is because I was taking minerals during chelation - I was not advised not to, sadly. They adhere to the DMSA/EDTA. rendering them less effective.

In all, I have done four - 5 day pulses and three shorter ones when I started CAP. In the beginning I was scared s**tless terrified of the tinidazole, so I started slowly. And so, it seems as if I have 8 more pulses to do?

I have no reaction whatsoever to the Tini pulse. Perhaps a little more tired than usual is all.

I am pretty sure my doc interprets that "at least a year " thing as one year, so this is why I would like to get it really clear before I see him.

I ask when I can get off of the Cap, because it seems that it is hard on my liver. I would love to stay on it until cured, of course. I have a doc appointment in August, so sure he will check things out in blood tests then. Oh, I see I repeat myself hehe.

I would like to know exactly what the intermittent stage entails as my doc needs some guidance there Wink. Ie: Howmany weeks doxy/azithro and how long the tini pulse in the middle of that.

I would like to take another CPN test now to see if I am clear, or at least where I am at, but you need to be off abx for 6 weeks before testing. Of course, I am nervous about doing that.

Hope I have been a little clearer here and hoping the best for you all.


Here is the link to Dr. Wheldon's site.

Below is an excerpt from that site, explaining how intermittent treatment (which you are not ready for) works.  It is a little more than halfway down the page entitled Overview of Evidence; Treatment Schedule.  Please refer to it for further info.

"The eventual aim is to give all three agents intermittently so that there is some respite from antibiotics. This, the final leg of treatment, may entail a 14 day course of doxycycline and roxithromycin, with a five day course of metronidazole in the middle. This course is given once a month. After several months the intervals between the antibiotics may be cautiously extended. Rifampicin is not suitable for intermittent use, and azithromycin may be given instead.

Here is a graphic representation of a possible course of treatment. The details will vary according to suspected bacterial load:"

Image removed.

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi