Occupational Asthma/Adult Onset Asthma/COPD

I am a 59 year old man that worked 30 years in the Automotive Industry in Southern Ontario. I worked many jobs over the years; production line assembly, metal stamping, Millwright/Machine repair and Machinist for over the last 6 years of factory work. I developed Asthma in 2000. I am a smoker. Prior to the Asthma I carried my golf clubs for 18 holes without a problem.

The night the first attack hit me, I awoke gasping for air, every breath I released left me more frightened and short of breath. I could not re-capture fresh air, I thought I was dying. I arose from bed, leaning against thewall for support made my way to the kitchen and stood leaning against the counter unable to move.

I had to get to the Hospital or I will die I thought. I did make it barely. Is this a normal event, or as I have suspected an extreme version of Adult Onset Asthma?

I've never had an asthma attack that severe but I have known people who do get them so bad they go to the ER regularly. I developed "adult onset asthma" having a bad chest cold and bronchitis. Do you happen to recall if you had a cold/flu or some sort before you were diagnosed with asthma? It may not have been immediately before. For me it was several months after the bronchitis that I was diagnosed with "asthma". That suggested to me that mine was the Cpn bug. For me it turned out to be true and after several months of abx my asthma is gone. Something you should definitely investigate.

Didn't Sarah mention having adult-onset asthma, or the beginnings of it?

The website 'asthmastory' advocates the use of antibiotics to eradicate asthma. You might want to look at it. We use additional meds, though. If you have cpn infection, a single antibiotic won't do the job.

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