Hawk or Dove?

Submitted by Sarah on Sun, 2011-12-18 14:35

Since the winter of 1993, a few months after I started antibiotics, I have been assiduous in making my own seasonal cards, with one of my own paintings or drawings on the front. In previous years it might have been rather a bore but now it is something that I feel I have to do partly in order to show that I'm am still alive ad kicking and not reduced to making scrappy little mouth and foot designs which I never would have been happy doing.


Arums after the Storm

Submitted by Sarah on Fri, 2011-07-15 14:27

In 2003 I completed six large oil paintings for the Queen Mary 2 cruise ship.  These were the last paintings I did before I found myself unable to paint at all.  Two were of arums caught up in a storm and Cunard were unhappy with them, thinking that they would upset the people staying in the penthouse suites.   I suppose they had a point!  I replaced the clouds with trees.

This is a watercolour study for a new oil painting I am working on, bigger and better than the original, storm clouds reinstated..............Sarah